Operation Rubik’s Cube

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If you like reading political fiction you will love ‘Operation Rubik’s Cube. The story in this captivating political fiction book by author Eulus Dennis is told from the perspective of the son of a billionaire businessman who lives in Denver, Colorado.

This book talks about an extremely rich family, some of whom are billionaires, that took a very long path to infiltrating and trying to control the American federal government. The book ultimately arrives at the point of the 2012 presidential election. Will the Dalton family’s attempt to infiltrate and control the U.S. government work?

Read ‘Operation Rubik’s Cube and find out. You can start by clicking on the following link and viewing the intriguing book video trailer:

Watch the video; then, read the book. Operation Rubik's Cube
Watch the video; then, read the book.
Operation Rubik’s Cube

‘Operation Rubik’s Cube’ is available at Amazon and Barnes And Noble. Get your copy now!