Should Senator Bernie Sanders Pump His Brakes, So To Speak?

Donald Trump tastes blood in the water in the Democratic presidential campaigns between Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Hillary Clinton and he is taking advantage of it. The Donald may be ignorant but he is definitely not stupid.  He is egging Senator Sanders on, not in sincere support of him but to drum up media coverage that will reach disaffected Democrats who might be persuaded to vote for him in the general election.

Under these circumstances, is it time for Senator Sanders to pump his brakes, so to speak, to make sure that he will be able to stop his campaign vehicle which – based on the way that some of his supporters are conducting themselves, is becoming more like that of the Donald Trump campaign with each passing day, should it become necessary? Obviously he is providing ammunition for the Trump campaign to use against Secretary Clinton, should she become the nominee, in the general election.

Has he already given the Republican campaign too much ammunition; so much that it is already being successfully used to lure these disaffected Democrats into Mr. Trump’s camp? Mr. Trump has already proven that he is extremely adept at pitting warring factions against one another for his personal political gain and that he has no limits to what he will do to assure that he is successful.  Is he pitting Senator Sanders against Secretary Clinton for his personal aggrandizement?

Is it time for Senator Sanders to take a close look at the situation and decide what kind of damage that he is doing to Secretary Clinton and the Democratic Party? Is it time for him to stop adding fuel to the fire that has already created a schism between his supporters and Secretary Clinton’s that might already be hard to bridge and is getting wider with each new demand that he makes?

Senator Sanders has already been granted unprecedented concessions by the Democratic Party and, in concert with that – because of the large number of delegates that he already has, can still go into the convention and wield great power to shape how the Party will move forward. Must he now demand that Democrats oust Democratic National Committee Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Shultz due to his anger because he believes that she has mistreated him and he harbors hurt feelings?  If his actions are not due to hurt feelings, is he simply getting drunk on this great power; power like he has never possessed before?

This situation is not one where he can just walk in and have things his way! That kind of thinking is the substance of that of slogans and is more appropriately applied to fast food restaurants not serious politics.  He must realize that he and his supporters must give some ground just like Clinton and her supporters must give some ground; especially if it involves a choice between ultimately unifying the Party and ripping it apart!

He must also realize that just like his supporters out of anger can unintentionally bring about great damage to the Democratic Party, Clinton supporters who feel that he is abusing her can do the same thing. Does he want to be responsible for this kind of fracture in the Democratic Party at such a crucial time as this?  Is this something that he can even tacitly condone?  Is this something that he is willing to risk?  In the eyes of some Washington Democrats, DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Shultz has already become a liability to the party that is beyond repair so must be replaced before the Democratic National Convention in July.  Senator Sanders is responsible for this situation and this angers Hillary supporters.

Donald Trump is the ultimate target, not Hillary Clinton! If Senator Sanders is about something other than Bernie Sanders, in light of the ground that Mr. Trump is succeeding in closing between himself and Secretary Clinton, perhaps he should back away from his decision to fight all the way to the Democratic convention; especially since Secretary Clinton is all but assured of becoming the nominee.

And even if he does decide to fight all the way to the convention, he should be especially mindful of what Donald Trump’s objective is in egging him on. Although what Donald Trump is doing in egging him on is extremely obvious, it is possible that during the heat of battle this blatantly obvious effort by Mr. Trump can be blurred or even lost sight of.  Senator Sanders must not forget in the heat of his battle with Secretary Clinton that Donald Trump has a purpose in egging him on and that that purpose, as usual, is all about Donald Trump.  It has absolutely nothing to do with his concern for how the Clinton campaign or Democratic Party is treating Senator Sanders.

Senator Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, said that Debbie Wasserman Shultz is working against Senator Sanders and wants her to resign. He said that someone else could play a more positive role.  What does that mean?  And who is this ‘someone else’ that he is referring to; someone that he and Senator Sanders favor?  President Obama selected Ms. Wasserman Shultz to be the DNC Chairperson in 2011 and ever since that time she has worked hard for the Democratic Party.  Hopefully, she has not had so much damage done to her reputation during the course of the bickering between Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton that she will be forced to resign.

Although Mr. Trump is having trouble along the way too; many of the big Republican contributors are refusing to contribute to his campaign, he is still closing ground – and in some cases – putting ground between himself and Secretary Clinton despite the fact that if this kind of problem continues for him it could be a major concern going forward. Yet, Senator Sanders refuses to get out of the race because he says that polls continue to show that he is a stronger candidate against Donald Trump than is Secretary Clinton.

The problem is, and what Senator Sanders is glossing over, is the fact that the Republican Party has been attacking Secretary Clinton ever since she has been a part of the political scene and they have not yet even begun to attack him. Senator Sanders has openly declared that he is a Democratic Socialist and there is no doubt that Republicans will launch a major offensive on the ‘Socialist’ part of his declaration and any other negative thing that they find.  And since Republicans have never really focused on any serious negative research on Senator Sanders, they will (emphasis on ‘will’) find other negative things (perceived by voters or real) that will reduce his positive numbers versus Mr. Trump.

And if he should by some miracle beat Secretary Clinton in the primaries and become the Democratic nominee, when he goes head-to-head with The Donald, I assure you that The Donald will expose all of his weaknesses; real, perceived and nonexistent because The Donald is an expert at things like this. He knows how to manipulate voters, especially those that are not involved and on top of the issues.

Having said that, I hope that Senator Sanders is already considering these things and will temper his attacks on Secretary Clinton. And I hope that after he considers them that he will pump his brakes and slow down in preparation to stop; stop attacking and start unifying either before or at the convention.  For those of you who are not familiar with the term ‘pump your (his) brakes, it simply means slow down and/or prepare to stop.

Stay engaged in this presidential election and be sure to get engaged in future elections no matter the level at which they occur. In the meantime, whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent always remember, your vote is the most important one of all…unless you don’t use it.

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line

The Presumptive GOP Standard Bearer

Because the 2016 presidential election has the potential to be a watershed election for America, I will continue to sound the alarm until a new United States president has been elected. Accordingly, I am compelled to repeat the Republican Party’s previous harsh comments, before they flip-flopped, about their now presumptive nominee again.

But before I do that, I would quickly add ‘caveat emptor’ (let the buyer beware); because those should be the watchwords for those voters and Republican politicians who are buying what Donald Trump is selling because the way that he is running his campaign certainly does not leave any room for the United States motto, ‘e pluribus unum’ (out of many, one).

Early on in the Republican primary race to become the Republican nominee for president, Republican elites and numerous Republican members of congress called Donald Trump a con artist, charlatan, clown, joke, and many other names that I cannot recall right now, before they said that he was unfit to be president of the United States of America.  However, after all of their efforts to thwart his rise to Republican standard bearer failed, they are now coyly saying, oops, never mind.

They are now comparing him to Secretary Hillary Clinton and some are even saying that he is more qualified than she is to run the country. They have suddenly abandoned all of their principles and love of country, done an about-face and are now saying that he is a genuine person who is definitely fit to run America.  Even Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee has fallen in line and is now behind him.  Politics and Trumpism certainly do make strange bedfellows.

Even if you never understood the down-and-dirty of politics – and never really seriously questioned it because you thought that you at least understood the meaning of the word statesman and therefore knew that when all else failed statesmanship would prevail, this thing with The Donald should make you think again. If you didn’t question politics and what it is that actually motivates politicians before, maybe now would be a good time to start.

The decisions that many Republican politicians are making now to support Donald Trump will leave a scar on them. It will be a scar that will last long beyond the time that they leave office and likely long after they have departed this earth.  It will be a permanent scar and history will gaze upon it as it judges them.  This election will be talked about down through the intriguing annals of history and hopefully will be an aberration rather than the norm.

Republican politicians can deal with their animus toward Secretary Clinton without risking putting America in the hands of Donald Trump; a man who is a narcissist who is egocentric and totally unpredictable. They do not have to vote for Secretary Clinton.  And if they are true statesmen they should feel bound by principle and whatever they do, they will not vote for or encourage their constituents to vote for Mr. Trump.  If they do not have the courage to do anything else, they can simply remain silent.

Right now America is fragile and struggling with an identity problem; we are trying to determine who we are as a country. There are many different factions that are afraid and angry.  In particular, there is a faction that has long been the ‘majority’ that, regardless of how they vote in this election, will soon become a ‘minority’.  I can only imagine how frightening that must be.

And each of these factions reserves the right to be angry. The key is to control that anger and not let it control us.  Then we should channel it into rediscovering our identity as a country and move forward from there to make America even better than it has ever been before.  But in order to do this, we need a leader who will bring us together not one who will reinforce our perceived differences and assure that we remain in separate factions in order to fully exploit our dark side for their personal political gain.  Whoever that leader might be, it is not Donald Trump!

In his article in the Washington Post entitled ‘I ate my words about Trump. But treating him as normal is a recipe for ruin’ Dana Milbank said “Now Trump is attempting to normalize himself, assuming voters have short memories.  A large number of Republicans are cravenly choosing party unity above decency…  Trump didn’t win the nomination because most Americans, or even most Republicans, support him.  I had to eat my words because feckless Republican leaders were too splintered to provide voters a viable alternative.”

You should neither buy in to The Donald’s assumption that you have a short memory nor should you abandon your principles and follow the craven example set by flip-flopping Republican politicians to unify the party at all costs. Now – in addition to these flip-flopping politicians, billionaires like Sheldon Adelson are lining up to support him and contribute millions of dollars to his campaign in hopes that he will do their bidding as long as they can convince him that the spigot will be there and they will open it for him whenever the need arises.

But Mr. Trump has a problem because his whole primary campaign was based on the premise that it was self-financed, meaning that he could not be bought; he said as much himself. He also said that when people give politicians money they expect something for it.  This situation involving those billionaires who are lining up to finance his campaign is a real catch 22 for him.  Then again, maybe it is not: this is The Donald that we are talking about.

Regardless of my political persuasions, when you go to the polls during the general election, I will not presume to tell you who you should vote for; but I will presume to tell you who you should not vote for. No matter how much money that billionaires shower him with, under no circumstances should you vote for someone who, if nothing else, has proven that he is completely unpredictable and does not possess the gravitas to be the president of the United States of America.  You should not vote for someone who has made a mockery of the American political process and shamed America in the eyes of the world.  You should not vote for someone who can say hello to you one day and the next day tell you that it was not him that said hello to you but, instead, it was someone impersonating him (e.g. the John Barron and the John Miller fiasco).  And you should not vote for someone who, even before the official primaries season has officially ended and months before the successful nominee is sworn into office, already has many world leaders bewildered and feeling anxious due to his behavior.  You should not vote for Donald Trump!

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line

Senate Bill 191 Sleight Of Hand

The Colorado Court Of Appeals reversed judge Michael Martinez’s dismissal of the lawsuit filed in 2014 by the DCTA questioning the ‘Mutual Consent’ provisions of Senate Bill (SB) 191. Since the reversal, the Colorado Supreme has agreed to hear the lawsuit.  Both the DCTA and DPS have said that they are glad that the Supreme Court agreed to accept the case and both sides expressed confidence that their side would prevail.

Because DPS Superintendent Tom Boasberg has not yet returned from his six-month sabbatical to live abroad with his family, according to him, as he promised them that he would years ago, Acting Superintendent Susana Cordova is at the reins. Being a good soldier, of course, she echoed a statement that Superintendent Boasberg made earlier during the lawsuit process.

According to an article in Chalkbeat in March 2016, Ms. Cordova said “DPS believes lawmakers were right to allow districts to end forced placement, especially because of its effects on high-poverty schools. “‘If districts must go back to forced placement, then those students are the most likely to have teachers who are not the right fit forced into their schools.”‘

Earlier during the lawsuit process – again, according to Chalkbeat, Superintendent Boasberg said “‘Forced placement of teachers into schools where they do not want to teach, or where the school is unwilling to offer them jobs, is wrong. It’s wrong for kids, it’s wrong for teachers, it’s wrong for schools…'”  What a scenario for sleight of hand and a bunch of smoke and mirrors that statement set up.  For right now, let’s go with the sleight of hand and forget about the smoke and mirrors.

DPS’ sleight of hand? They are telling us that they are extremely concerned about all of these unfortunate teachers who will be forced into schools where they do not want to teach while these teachers are in essence crying out; please do not place me there, I would rather ultimately lose my job and be unable to pay my bills than be placed there.  Please do not put me there!  And they are telling us that they are abundantly concerned for these schools that are unwilling to offer these teachers jobs but are being forced to accept them while principals and teachers at these schools are openly crying out; none of these teachers are worthy and capable teachers, I implore you, do not send them here!  DPS says that this is wrong for kids, it’s wrong for teachers and it’s wrong for schools.

Now, let’s rewind to the ‘Dance of the Lemons’ days back in the 1990s. Do you remember those days?  For those of you who either just do not remember or were not even yet born in those days, this was a time when DPS was struggling to rid itself of teachers that it did not feel were meeting DPS requirements but could not fire them because of tenure.  Instead, they were forced to place them in any schools that had openings.  They referred to this situation as ‘The Dance of the Lemons.

While some of these teachers might not have met requirements, there were others who, whether or not they met requirements had acquired powerful enemies either in the schools, at the 900 Grant Street (DPS Administration) level, or both. Even though some principals might have wanted to hire some of these teachers, if they knew that they were on the Administrations unwritten blacklist, these principals would have had to be out of their minds to hire them if they valued their own jobs.

Sleight of hand? Just like the Administration was feinting great concern for teachers, schools and DPS children’s learning experience but actually setting the stage to use SB 191 to get rid of unwanted teachers while at the same time likely covertly coercing principals not to accept these teachers; principals were secretly wanting to hire some of them while feinting not wanting to hire them and influencing their personnel committees not to accept them.  Oh what a tangled web we weave…  I would quickly add that even the teachers who were not meeting requirements deserved due-process.  But DPS desperately needed to solve this ‘Dance of the Lemons’ problem when suddenly (or not so suddenly) SB 191 materialized.

Coincidentally (or not so coincidentally), their problem was solved, right? Wrong.  Because in order for SB 191 to solve their problem DPS would have to abuse it.  That brings us to the point that we are at now.  If you juxtapose SB 191 and ‘The Dance of the Lemons’ problem, it appears that the solution is there.  But it cannot be there if it requires abusing this bill.  And DCTA is arguing that this is exactly what DPS is doing; they are taking a ‘the end justifies the means’ approach to solving what they see as the problem and this should not be allowed.

Again, as I said in an article that I wrote a few years ago in the Denver Post, the fact that the DCTA and an arbitrator disagree with supporters of SB 191 about the interpretation of the mutual-consent provisions of the bill does not make SB 191 a bad bill. But neither does it make the DCTA and the arbitrator who agreed with them ogres who do not care about Denver’s children but, instead, place their own interest above that of providing these children with a top quality education.

I agree with the DCTA. I also believe that DPS lost a lot of excellent and dedicated teachers by way of their use of SB 191.  Through SB 191, they have done harm to the quest for Denver children to get the best education possible rather than enhancing that quest.  DPS should take a step back from what it views as the best path forward to educating our children, reassess the situation and try again to collaborate with those in the trenches such as students, parents, teachers and principals and with other experts in academia to reach the right solution for educating all of our children.

And when the DPS Administration is interacting with these teachers and principals it should not punish them for their input when it does not agree with the line of thinking of that of the Administration but should objectively consider it. DPS Administration should make the final decision but that decision should not be based on abusing SB 191 or any other bill or law.  Instead, it should be based on the spirit and intent of forging the best team possible and securing its loyalty and trust to assure that children attending DPS receive the best education possible.

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line

Surprise, Big Money Loses!

Although I could not be any more disappointed that Donald Trump is the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee and has even a miniscule chance of becoming president of the United States of America, I am thrilled that he was able to beat down big money. It is completely exhilarating to know that all of the Republicans’ political leaders, the Republican elites and all of their big money combined failed to conquer Donald Trump.

It was The Donald against the world (of Republicans) and he won. And now – being The Donald, it is likely that just to punish those in the Republican establishment who worked so hard against him, he is refusing to make up with them, fall in line with their way of thinking and at least work with them to reach some sort of compromise.  On the contrary, he is threatening to oust Speaker Paul Ryan as the convention chairman.

I’m glad that he exposed the long hidden agenda of the Republican Party, which is to stand up for big business, condone bigotry as long as it is covert, and keep their collective foot on the throat of the middle class. Although Mr. Trump did this for selfish purposes and not for the betterment of America, it will ultimately work to make Americans and America better because it will force us to take a closer look at ourselves and what we stand for.

While the Republican Party has long been the party of the rich and big business, Democrats are not totally innocent of aiding and abetting the demise of America’s middle class. Democratic politicians have been a bit more covert in their pandering to the rich and big business but they have done it for years and continue to do it now.  It does not matter whether they do it only because they need to finance their reelection campaigns and feel that this is the only way to successfully do that or if they secretly share the same feelings as their Republican counterparts.

What really matters is that they lacked then and still lack the courage to stand up for what is right. That is why Senator Bernie Sanders is such a phenomenon.  He went directly to the American people and thereby challenged the establishment in both parties by eschewing contributions from the political elites, rich and big money lest in return they expected to buy his support for their views.  He wanted to avoid even the appearance of granting them the ability to constantly whisper their seductive desires into his ear while subliminally encouraging him to ignore the needs of those with little or no power.

What Senator Sanders has done has our elected politicians on the cusp of being forced to chose to transition from a government that serves the few (the rich and powerful) to one that serves all of us or to remain prisoners of our election system, which is fueled by money. The transition to serving all Americans might not be a quick one but, hopefully, Senator Sanders’ call for a political revolution will be quick to force politicians to choose as to whether they will continue to kowtow to the rich and powerful or work to hone our government into one that is truly of the people, by the people and for the people; a government that serves all Americans!

Although I stubbornly continue to support Secretary Clinton as the Democratic nominee and the person to become America’s next president, unlike those Bernie Sanders supporters who say ‘never Hillary’, I do not say never Bernie. And I encourage those Sanders supporters who are saying ‘never Hillary’ to drop that mind-set immediately; not just because it indirectly associates the Democratic presidential campaigns with that of the mess that the Republicans refer to as their campaign, but because it is divisive and creates problems for the eventual Democratic nominee – whoever that might be – to unite the party against Donald Trump in the general election.

Donald Trump is unqualified and unsuited to be the president of America. Like all of us, he has a right to his personal thoughts and views.  But unlike ‘all of us’ who sometimes out of frustration and anger express our thoughts and views- if he were president, he could not freely express his but, instead, should be more cerebral and consider the fact that he represents all of the American people and should act accordingly.  Then, if he decides to express any thoughts and views at all, his words should be measured and well thought out and the thoughts and views expressed should be those of a cohesive America.

Based on what has taken place thus far during the primaries, Mr. Trump is not capable of conducting himself in any manor other than that which he has already displayed. No matter how hard he might try, he cannot be presidential; it is beyond him.

Those Republican politicians who have committed to support Mr. Trump have a lot of soul searching to do based solely on the damage that he has already done to this country with respect to how America is viewed through the eyes of her allies, enemies and through the eyes of the world. If he somehow manages to become president they will have an even heavier burden to bear depending upon how he conducts himself while in office.  He is completely unpredictable.

Yes, right now I am reveling in the fact that those who toss money at everything believing that it is king and can buy them anything that their hearts desire has been rebuffed. However, there is a grave danger – no matter how miniscule, that my revel could be cut short by The Donald being elected to become the 45th president of the United States of America.  I’m not sure who would revel then other than The Donald.  After all, it is all about him; right?

I wonder, who would have the last laugh; The Donald, maybe?

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line

Tom Brady and Deflategate

I can’t resist asking this question as I watch the Tom Brady Deflategate saga continue and continue and continue… What is up with Tom Brady’s pit-bull mentality when it comes to this issue?  With the way that he keeps refusing to put it behind him, celebrate with his teammates what a dominate team that the Patriots have been and still are and let the final few seconds run out on Deflategate, I can’t help but to think about an infamous headline from the legacy of the Dallas Cowboys football team.  The headline was something like “Leon can’t Lett it alone.”

The headline was referring to a play in the 1993 Thanksgiving Day game between the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins when Miami attempted a field goal with 15 seconds left in the game but it was blocked and so fell short of the end zone. At the time, Dallas was leading Miami by one point and the rest of the team had begun to celebrate their victory.  But Leon Lett (aka The Big Cat), the starting defensive tackle for the Cowboys, just could not Lett it alone.  Although it was not necessary, The Big Cat attempted to recover the ball, touched it but slipped during the attempt and Miami recovered the ‘muff’ on the one yard line.  With only three seconds remaining, Miami kicked a field goal and won the game.

It seems to me that even though it is not intentional (or necessary), like Leon Lett when he unnecessarily tried to recover the ball from the blocked field goal attempt, Tom Brady is taking a big risk that could result in another loss and beyond that make matters even worse. It further seems that he would want this part of his public life to just go away, or at least begin as soon as possible to slowly disappear in his rearview mirror with the passage of time, so that he could move on with his career without the distraction of Deflategate.  There is no doubt that he is going to end up in the Hall of Fame.

I have no doubt that there are those of you who follow politics that are asking the question; isn’t this blog supposed to be a political blog? Why is he writing about Tom Brady and Deflategate?  Good question my loyal blog readers.  But before I answer that question, I am going to go even further and conjecture that there are sports writers (well, maybe not multiple sports writers but at least one) who regularly read my blog who are bristling and asking that same question and adding; why is he infringing on our territory?  He isn’t a sports writer.

They are right; I am not a sports writer. But I am writing about it because I am firmly convinced that with the latest information that I read on Deflategate, it now falls squarely into my bailiwick.  Why?  Because although the Supreme Court is not a political institution (wink, wink) it depicts an intricate thread in America’s political fabric and that thread runs throughout the political gauntlet, I mean, gambit.

Perhaps I should use the word ‘system’ – since that might be more appropriate than gauntlet, I mean gambit, although maybe not as accurate based on how things are currently conducted in Washington politics. You don’t agree with me on the ‘not as accurate’ part of my statement?  Did you watch the White House Correspondents Dinner held on April 30th?  Did you listen to President Obama’s stand-up comedy routine?  He was joking but it’s all true.  So I offer the president’s White House Correspondents Dinner comments as my key supporting evidence that the term ‘political gauntlet’ rather than ‘political gambit’ or ‘political system’ might not be that farfetched nowadays.

In implying that the Supreme Court in actuality is a political institution, I do so with the knowledge that over the past two and a half decades, The Supreme Court has been involved in the outcome of a number of major politically divisive issues that if they were not greatly influenced by partisan Washington politicians, certainly had the appearance of having been influenced by them…

But I digress. I am not a sports writer.  However, if there is the slightest chance that this Deflategate thing will go all the way to the Supreme Court they (sports writers who write about Deflategate) are already infringing on my territory so I will be d**n – I might as well go on and say it – darn, if I will not infringe on theirs which, by the way, I do not believe that I am!  With the Supreme Court being one justice short and the Republican led senate refusing to even consider President Obama’s nominee to the Court, if Deflategate can even conceive of rising to the Supreme Court level then I am going to write about it.

Besides, I am a big football fan and this Deflategate thing is taking a lot of attention away from football. Let me say it up front, knowing that the wrath of all Patriots fans, especially those who live in and around Boston, will be upon me; Tom Brady seems to think that he is special and should be allowed to get away with whatever he decides to say or do.  He is a great football player that will undoubtedly end up in the Hall of Fame, he is not a whiner (most of the time) except only when things do not go his way in games that are either very close or that he is losing, and he expects his self-proclaimed ‘special’ tag to be honored under all circumstances.

Does this way of thinking make me a Patriots hater? I don’t think so: but I’m not saying that I am not hating on them.  If I am hating on them, it is not just because of Deflategate.  It is because of that and all of the other known and unknown Gates.

I use to feel the same way as Patriots fans do regarding remarks that people make about this Deflategate thing when people said not-so-flattering things about the Denver Broncos. I thought that they were just haters.  But I’m over that now (I think)…

But again, I digress. I think that Tom Brady and the NFL players union should just Lett things alone instead of taking Deflategate all the way to the Supreme Court and forcing me to write about it and make my loyal blog readers and sports writers (well, maybe not multiple sports writers but at least one) who regularly read my blog angry.  Tom Brady should leave this issue alone because it would be the right thing to do.  And for all of those Patriots fans who are making themselves look like a bunch of jackasses by thinking that everyone who says something negative about their Patriots are haters, to overcome that vice would be the right thing for them to do.

Of course, it is a different thing when it comes to those who are trying to besmirch the name of Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning or my Denver Broncos. That is a whole different ballgame.  Peyton Manning is my quarterback and he is definitely a Hall of Famer who does not deserve to have an asterisk by his name in the Hall of Fame as does Tom Brady.  The Patriots are known cheaters.  And the Denver Broncos is my team and they are all stand-up guys.  I’m glad that they are or I would look like a jackass just like the Patriots fans.  But like I said before, I’m over thinking that those who say not-so-flattering things about the Denver Broncos are just haters (I think).

But, once again, I digress. It is possible that somewhere along the way you will see (and, I hope, read) another article on my blog site about Deflategate.  But do not worry sports writers (well, maybe not multiple sports writers but at least one) who regularly read my blog, I will only write about sports if it involves Tom Brady and Deflategate or any other person in sports who publicly gets entangled in politics or…

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line