Republican Representative Louie Gohmert Says That Hillary Clinton is Mentally Impaired

Representative Louie Gohmert, the ‘don’t cast aspersions on my asparagus’ man, says that Secretary Hillary Clinton is mentally impaired.  Not only did he say that she is mentally impaired but he said that her “brain is still in a blender.”  At the time that he made those remarks, I can’t help but to wonder how much thought he gave to what he was about to say to the press before he said it.  It is hard to imagine that he gave it much thought at all in light of some of the things that he has said and the way that he has conducted himself in the past.  Translation?  Representative Gohmert is the last person who should make these kinds of remarks.

In the event that you have never heard of Representative Louie Gohmert (R – Texas) or are  just not aware of some of the bizarre things that he has said and done while a congressman just Google some of the quotes attributed to him; and while you are at it, check out some of the odd things that he has done.  The reason why I referred to him as the ‘don’t cast aspersions on my asparagus’ man in paragraph one of this article stems from something that he said during his questioning of then Attorney General Eric Holder during a House Judiciary Committee meeting in May 2013.

According to The Atlantic, at the time Representative Gohmert who was a member of the House Judiciary Committee said that the Department of Justice failed to prevent the Boston marathon bombing.  When Attorney General Holder criticized Representative Gohmert’s characterization of the event with respect to the Department of Justice, the flustered Representative responded; “The attorney general will not cast aspersions on my asparagus.”  The article went on to say that ‘it was never clear what [Representative Gohmert] was trying to say, but the “asparagus” line became a running joke, with Gohmert as the target.’

Representative Gohmert is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump and that was the catalyst for his remarks about Secretary Clinton being mentally unstable.  He is one of the many Trump supporters who are doing everything possible to detract from Secretary Clinton’s impeccable qualifications by trying to keep American voters focused on anything other than policy and the requisite qualifications to be president.  Rather than focusing on policy and qualifications shameless Republican leaders in Washington continue to orchestrate partisan witch hunt after witch hunt.  And they are doing this to put a dangerous man into office that many of them have referred to as unqualified and unfit to hold this esteemed position.

Many Republicans have lamented that if Mr. Trump is elected president it could bring about the demise of the Republican Party; yet, they continue to do everything that they can to put him in the White House.  Not only are Republicans in Washington working to accomplish this task but elected Republican officials in states throughout America are working feverishly to implement laws before the 2016 election that will either hinder or deny legitimate voters from voting.

Democrats who are looking at all of the blunders and missteps that Donald Trump has made and worrying and wondering why he is still within striking distance of Secretary Clinton are right to worry.  But they should not just worry and wonder, they should share the message with all of their friends and acquaintances of how important it is to them and to America to get out and vote: especially in this election.

The outcome of this election poses an existential threat to the Republican Party.  And although it does not pose an existential threat to America, it can certainly do great damage that could prove to be extremely hard to recover from.  We are not just dealing with a partisan-laden choice due to traditional squabbling between voters who favor liberalism and those who favor conservatism; we are dealing with a choice between Trumpism vs. liberalism or conservatism.  And Trumpism is a frightening new choice born of a whole new conjured up Trump world in which all roads lead only to chaos and/or disaster.  Had any of the other Republicans who began the race to become president won the Republican primaries race the situation would not be dire.  But none of them did; Donald Trump won and now even some of those who were his opponents are enabling him.

America is in trouble!  So even those who might find Secretary Clinton so unlikeable and untrustworthy that they somehow are able to place her in the same boat with Donald J. Trump should take a step back and give long and deep thought to what kind of a leader that Mr. Trump would be and what America would look like under his leadership.  He has clearly and boldly demonstrated who he is and how he would lead.  I neither believe that he is the kind of leader nor will provide the quality of leadership that the majority of Americans are looking for.

The preceding paragraph is neither meant to imply that those who believe that Secretary Clinton lies and is untrustworthy are unjustified in their thinking nor is it meant to demean them in any way.  We all have a right to our personal opinions.  But show me a single human being who does not lie or obfuscate and is perfect other than – if you are among those who believe in God or some other higher power, that Supreme Being who once walked this earth.  These flaws are neither removed nor imputed if one decides to become a politician who purports to represent us.  Unfortunately, as a result of this choice, they are most often exacerbated.  This is something that all of us would do well to always remember.

That having been said, I encourage every legitimate voter to get out and vote in the 2016 presidential election.  This is a watershed election which makes it far too important for any voter to be complacent, remain at home and waste their vote.  And as added incentive always remember; whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, your vote is the most important one of all…unless you don’t use it!

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line