Senator John McCain, The Man

While I was reading an article in the New York Times and reflecting on Senator John McCain’s funeral services I was captivated by a picture of him with his daughter Meghan.  As I looked at the picture of him standing alongside her, the pride that he had in her and the love that he held for her was so obviously captured in that photograph that those feelings and their depth seemed to leap from the page and engulf me.  This photo was taken by Richard Perry of the New York Times in 2008 while Senator McCain was campaigning in Ohio.  Ms. McCain’s serene smile in that photo, just as sure as her father’s smile expressed his feelings for her, seemed to express her contentment and the love and pride that she had in him.  Kudos to Mr. Perry for an outstanding photograph taken at just the right moment; it captured the true essence of a father and daughter’s unconditional love for one another.

Back in February 2017, I posted an article to this website entitled ‘I Can’t Not Like Senator John McCain’.  At that time, I really did not know why it was so hard for me to not like him.  After all, there were so many times that he was so stubborn and unyielding on issues…even when he was wrong (at least in my hardcore Democrat opinion).  I was determined to dig deeper in my effort to find out why I couldn’t shake liking him.  Accordingly, I watched as many of the ceremonies as I could that led up to his recent burial.  I found that the things that were said about, the man, John McCain gave me a much better picture of why it was so hard for me to not like him.

I can’t recall exactly when I wrote and posted the article to this site sharing the kind of look that my wife gave me when I said that I could vote for Senator McCain for president but I would probably be in danger of that same kind of death roll of the eyeballs if I told her that I like what I have learned about Meghan McCain’s way of thinking, that I believe that she would make a great politician and that she is the kind of Republican politician that I would like to see Democratic politicians have robust discourse with on all of the issues that America is faced with.  So don’t tell my wife about what I just said.  And if you do tell her, I will be forced to hold you responsible for any misery that I might have to pass through.

Seriously speaking, as I have said many times before, Senator McCain is a patriot and true statesman.  My line of thinking was reinforced by the accolades showered upon him by members of congress from both sides of the isle during the previously mentioned ceremonies.  In addition to my thoughts on Senator McCain, I become more convinced each day as I learn more about his daughter Meghan, that she would be just as strong and principled as he was if she were an elected official.  I find myself hoping that she will seriously consider following in her father’s footsteps by serving her country in that capacity; by seeking out and serving deserving causes that are greater than herself.  Only time will tell if she will do this.  But since she is already a chip off of the old block, why not go all in and help America to remain great?  Why not create her own legacy while blazing her own trail and making America even greater than she already is?!  Think about it, Meghan.  You could, in your late father’s words, ‘show them how tough you are’ and make a difference at the same time.

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line