Donald J. Trump, The Republican-led Congress And Benjamin Netanyahu

‘The Infamous Gang of Three’ – the Mr. Donald J. Trump of the United States of America, the Republican-led congress and the Prime Minister of Israel – Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, appear to be working together in lockstep to achieve Mr. Trump’s goal to take America back to the Jim Crow and pre-Roe v Wade Days.  I am referring to the same Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu who bypassed standard protocol to inform the then President of the United States of America, Mr. Barack Obama, that he was coming to the United States of America with the intention of speaking on the floor of the United States Congress.  He certainly did not let him know that he would be speaking in an effort to undermine his effort to strike an agreement with Iran on a nuclear deal!

Although Prime Minister Netanyahu might not be motivated by the same reasons that are motivating Republican members of congress to snuggle up to Mr. Trump no matter how lawless or outrageous the things he does, he – along with the Republican-led congress – have opted to sell their soul to him in order to achieve their own personal goals.  Prime Minister Netanyahu is content to watch from the sideline as the Mr. Trump of the United States of America rips down all of the guardrails of American democracy and puts his foot on the necks of people of color and women in order for him to try to achieve his goal of what he has dubbed “Make America Great Again!”  Prime Minister Netanyahu, I challenge you to juxtapose this same situation that Mr. Trump is subjecting people of color and women to in the United States but instead with those people of color and women being Israelites; then ask yourself, would I still be as enamored with Mr. Trump as I am now?!  Would I still dedicate a town (Trump Heights) in the Golan Heights to him?!  It seems so hypocritical for someone like you to cozy up to someone like Mr. Donald J. Trump!  Think about it!

It is frightening to see Mr. Trump openly defy the laws of our country, regularly challenge co-equal branches of government and cause them to cower before him, continuously thumb his nose at America and the American people, ply dictators and strongmen with accolades and talk about the possibility that those who support him might demand that he serve more than two terms.  For whatever reasons, it appears that Mr. Trump has Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader in his pocket because Mr. McConnell is constantly aiding and abetting him.  Mr. Trump is becoming bolder each time that he breaks the law and faces no consequences but instead gains more support from the Republican Party.  With the impending decisions due from the Supreme Court, I can only hope that their responses won’t pave the way for the situation to evolve to the “Gang of Four.”  Whether or not it does, I don’t know if impeachment is the answer but something must be done to stop this out of control so-called American president.

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line