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Hello surfers!

Welcome to our new website, Political Pawns And Puppets (politicalpawnsandpuppets). The site has been live now since October 11, 2014 – about a month, and either the search engines still have not been able to find it or it is so far down the list of the gazillion domains out there that even when I try to access it via an Internet search using the official domain name, I can’t find it.

So, it is still floating around out there somewhere in that deep void where it (if you are waiting for me to say ‘may never be found’, you are completely wrong) will surely eventually be found; hopefully sooner than later! Why?  Because we have the greatest search engines in the world out there looking for it!  I have no doubt that there will be that Star Trek moment when they find it and it will be just like discovering a new galaxy.  But this site is determined to keep you informed.  So…

In the meantime, since it is without traffic, you will find that all of the posts have been made by one person. While all of them are informative and fill a void that cries out to be filled, I am hopeful that after that Star Trek-like moment I mentioned previously, this site will be filled with traffic by those who want to stay informed about politics and help determine its landscape.

Since most of us have very demanding schedules and, among those, many do not follow politics closely; this website will provide an opinion that summarizes key articles, and post those opinions on this website. If the articles contain information that is deemed to possibly be of special interest to you, even though the articles have been summarized and an opinion has been posted, every effort will be made to provide you with the exact title of the article(s), the author’s name, and the organization that they are employed by.  If we do not provide you with a link to the article(s), you can decide whether or not to do a computer search for them based on the title that we provided and read their full content.

Finally, I think that all of us would agree that communication is the key to solving any problem and that is what we need in order to have effective governance. What we do not need is the kind of gridlock that we have had in Washington for the last six-plus years and that we continue to have right now.  So stay informed and always vote.

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