In Trump’s America It’s “Merry SNAFU And A Happy Pandemonium”

In Trump’s America it’s Merry SNAFU, a Happy Pandemonium and get it all sorted out during the New Year!  This is the mantra of Mr. Trump and his administration because the Republican-led congress, arguably, could be fighting them for the right to lay claim to who is actually responsible for the “AFU” part of SNAFU.  I am not sure whether congress is fighting to claim the “AFU” or if they are trying to blame it on Mr. Trump.  This is hard to figure out because they have been so silent where Mr. Trump’s erotic erratic and whimsical behavior is concerned, not to mention the countless times that they have enabled him, that his behavior and theirs are so entwined that separating them is virtually impossible.  And as I am sure that all Americans by now are aware, Mr. Trump never shares credit but is quick to assign blame.

The question is, does he view SNAFU as credit stuff or blame stuff?  Because he has not yet completely blamed congress for America’s current situation, that makes it even harder to sort this situation out.  I know that I am pulling at the threads of Mr. Trump’s way of thinking (boy is that scary) by trying to figure this out and I imagine that the entire world of the press is doing the same.  Maybe pulling at those threads is not as scary – or perhaps not at all scary – for them but regardless; science, we and the world need to somehow get to the bottom of what makes Mr. Trump tick.  Normally this would not be something that those just mentioned would or should give much thought to but this is different.  Mr. Trump, in my opinion unfortunately, is the POTUS!  Therefore, his thinking and why he thinks the way that he does is extremely important and demands America’s attention!  It is important that we house the answer to this question in America’s archives of “Lessons Learned.”  This way, we will have a template to refer to should we ever, God forbid, have another president like Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump might be fighting as hard as he is over funding for his border wall because he really believes that America needs it.  In addition, he might really be concerned about the security of his constituents and he wants to keep the promise that he made to them.  Or it could be that he desperately wants to change the narrative to distract the media that is so focused on all of the investigations, indictments, guilty pleas by those in his innermost circle, endless scandals that are plaguing his administration, acting cabinet-level officials who report to him and the unfilled positions at various levels that are “making [him] look bad.”  My money is on the latter prognosis because during his entire time in office, Mr. Trump has consistently demonstrated that he is incapable of empathy.  He seems to only be capable of considering himself and what ultimate impact that things and situations will have on him.  No one else matters.

Pandemonium is Mr. Trump’s forte and he seems to revel in it.  The more chaos that there is the happier and more comfortable he is.  This might be good for Mr. Trump but it is not good for America.  America’s current situation should cause all Americans to step back, refocus on our civic responsibilities – which includes the responsibility to vote, and vote!  Our country needs us.  Most of us do not serve America by being a part of her armed forces who serve in dangerous situations around the world but we still have a responsibility to do our part to protect her.  We can do that through our vote, which can help to assure that we have dedicated and responsible politicians who put America and her citizens before their personal and political ambitions.  Dedicated and responsible politicians will make sure that those members of our armed forces have the best equipment possible, that their lives and dedicated service are highly valued and that every consideration will be given to them to keep them safe even when they must be placed in harm’s way!

Whenever our politicians and political leaders resort to conducting themselves like grafters and place their personal and political ambitions above their sworn duty to the United States of America, American citizens must vote them out of office!  America has been severely weakened by Mr. Trump and his unorthodox style of leadership.  We will only become weaker if he is allowed to continue to operate as he has over the last nearly two years unchecked by congress.  American voters can help to begin to restore America’s image around the world, regain the respect of her allies and other world leaders and restore the confidence that the world once held in the leader of the free world’s word; America’s word!  We can do that through our vote.

So always remember, whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, your vote is the most important one of all…unless you don’t use it!

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line

Politician Title No Excuse To Be A Spineless Weak-kneed Liar

I have been an avid observer of politicians and politics for a long time now and I thought that I knew the game well and was well aware of how both operate.  Hello!  Enter Mr. Donald J. Trump; the wakeup call has been all but devastating!  The things that Mr. Trump is doing in the open without making the slightest effort to conceal them and all the while the American Republican-led congress is not only remaining silent but is enabling him is amazingly mindboggling!  It is surreal!  If you think that this article sounds like a repeat of many of the other articles that I have written since Mr. Trump was elected you are not at all off course.  Far too often since he took office, I feel like I have been somehow caught up in some weird version of the movie “Groundhog Day.”  And believe me, I hate it but that’s the way that it is.

It is extremely hard to believe that this is happening in America and that those that we elected to represent and lead us are idly standing by and allowing all of the things that this country has worked so hard to achieve be tossed away as if it were so much trash rightfully destined for the trash heap.  I find myself struggling to effectively articulate my feelings with regard to what is happening but I see what I am feeling in the expressions on the faces of many of the cable news hosts and their broadcast contributors.  What is happening to us and where are those politicians who are supposed to be providing the checks and balances to prevent this exact thing from happening as the result of an out of control president?!

I do not believe that the title “politician” automatically gives one the right or permission to lie and mislead people and claim that it is a part of the job.  Although a lot of people, and no doubt those politicians, would disagree with me on that issue, certainly they would agree with me that it does not entitle them to be spineless and weak-kneed to the point of completely abdicating their responsibility to America, her citizens, and the constitution that they swore to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic?!  Where are our statesmen!  How is it possible for those who are standing by silently, and in many cases enabling this president, to look at themselves in the mirror and not be repulsed by what they see?!

With the two latest resignations of those who work for Mr. Trump, those of Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Brett McGurk – special presidential envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, it is abundantly clear that Mr. Trump’s actions are not only having a destabilizing effect in America but throughout the world.  The fact that this Republican-led congress is allowing Mr. Trump to conduct himself in this manner without doing anything to mitigate his inappropriate conduct and whimsical, erratic leadership exposes these politicians to be exactly what they appear to be, spineless and weak-kneed.

America is in a very vulnerable and dangerous situation.  It is obvious that our elected politicians are aware of this because those who are not running for reelection are very boldly talking about it.  It is far past time for our politicians to only talk about America’s problems and strongly suggest that we address them while slinking away to retirement.  It is time for bold and serious action on their part right now that will prevent Mr. Trump from pulling them, all of the American people and, perhaps, a large percentage of the world even further down that rabbit hole than we already are!  It is time for them to stop viewing lying and misleading their constituents as simply pabulum to help assure that they will get their votes.  Grow a backbone congress!  And rid yourselves of that whatever it is that you refer to as knees that – like a liquid, takes the shape of anything that it is poured into, and get some real knees!…  Please!

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line

Circumstances Demand That Nancy Pelosi Be elected Speaker In 2019

It is fantastic that Democrats will have so many new faces entering congress in January 2019; the midterm elections were extraordinary for us and that accomplishment, rightfully, should be celebrated!  It is understandable that those fresh young, new faces coming in feel that they have a mandate and want to see changes made in the party but it is imperative that, in their enthusiasm, they do not jump to conclusions and ruin their opportunities to make real change…Democrats have an infamous reputation for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  They must stop their bickering now!  Nancy Pelosi must be reelected as Speaker of the House!  Why?  Because she is experienced and smart and Republican House members under the leadership of the House Minority Leader – with the aid of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, will not be able to outmaneuver her politically.

Ever since Nancy Pelosi became House Speaker she has always delivered for the Democrats.  She has demonstrated time and again that she has the will power and determination – cojones? or some other ‘manly’ term in this powerful (mostly white) man’s world of the US House and Senate – to keep party members in line.  And in the past whenever she has said that she had the votes to pass legislation her word has proven true.  If the House should decide that they want to replace (hopefully) future Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi then that is fine.  Leader Pelosi has already indicated that she is amenable to that.  But now is not the time to squabble about replacing her because Democrats desperately need her leadership and guidance.  No one in the party will be more effective in dealing with Mr. Trump, Senate Majority Leader McConnell and the House Minority Leader.  And House Democrats should immediately stop trying to force her into an agreement that delineates exactly when she will yield her power and pass the torch to a younger leader.

At this point, there are so many things that need to be addressed that were overlooked while the Republicans, who cast aside all of their oversight responsibilities and abdicated all of their power to Mr. Trump, were in power.  Because they were completely frightened by Mr. Trump and his base – in their desire to be reelected, they let him run rampant and do whatever he wanted to do including siding with President Vladimir Putin against his own intelligence agencies and working with president Putin to sell America and her best interests down the river.  Whether wittingly or unwittingly they became pawns in helping president Putin to weaken NATO, America and her allies.

It is frightening to watch Mr. Trump ignore long-held American norms and traditions that were followed by virtually all of the other American presidents who held office.  It is even more frightening when we consider what is happening in the south – due in large part to Chief Justice John Roberts’ and other conservative Supreme Court Justices decisions to gut the Voting Rights Act – in places like Georgia and Florida where voting rights are being trampled and to see that this type of governing has spread to places in the Midwest with a prime example being Kansas.

The recent U.S. senate election in Mississippi between sitting Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, who is a proven racist and her challenger Mike Espy, provides a prime example of the direction in which Mr. Trump is working hard to lead America.  Mr. Trump threw his full support behind Ms. Hyde-Smith and attended a rally in Mississippi to help get her elected.  Ms. Hyde-Smith garnered a large percentage of the votes during the runoff election on her way to victory.  It is my opinion that it is fair to use an analogy that compares Mississippi to an addict whether that someone is on legal or illegal drugs.  Until that someone is willing to accept that they have a problem, admit that they need help and be open to accepting that help, then no one will be able to help them.  In other words, if Mississippi is not amenable to willingly entering the twenty-first century and leaving their past in the past, then America must be extremely cognizant as to how much time and energy she is willing to expend in trying to drag Mississippi, while kicking and screaming, there!

A lot of negative things have happened in America since Mr. Trump was elected.  His administration is rife with scandals and many other elected Republican officials in leadership positions around the country are emulating him because, with the example that he is setting, they feel that they can get away with it.  Many people in this country are frustrated with our politicians and leaders around the world have lost respect for America.  For a perfect example of how much respect that world leaders have lost for America, just reflect on the visual of Saudi Prince MBS and Russia President Vladimir Putin smiling and giving each other a high-five hand shake at the G-20 conference.  Then look closely at the still picture of Mr. Trump and President Putin as Mr. Trump passes by him.  President Putin’s eyes tell the true story of his disdain for Mr. Trump and America.  Look at the expression on his face then look very closely at his eyes.  America and the world need a strong and honorable American president: a president whose word carries power and the full support of the American people and an honorable American congress.

Under the leadership of all of the American presidents in history, no country would have so blatantly disrespected America as did Russia and Saudi Arabia at the G-20 conference!  America must fix this problem!  We can fix it through always fulfilling our civic responsibilities, which includes voting.  We can vote in a president who will put America above money and his personal interest.  So remember, whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, your vote is the most important one of all…unless you don’t use it!

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line