The Echo Of The Sound Of Silence

Mr. Donald J. Trump has been conducting himself in a strange and erratic manner ever since he announced that he would run for the office of President of the United States of America. And since his announcement – rather than studying, listening, learning and improving – his behavior has only become worse.  His affinity for strongmen and desire to emulate them has steadily grown worse and he has driven America into a ditch, relentlessly driven her backwards and embarrassed her in the eyes of Americans and the world.  All the while that he has been doing this, the Republican-led congress has either remained silent or worked to aid him.

As he continues to become worse and exhibit behavior that arguably can be described as delusional and unstable, the silence of Washington congressional Republicans is echoing throughout America and around the world.  That silence projects a picture, no matter how inaccurate, around the world of who we are as Americans.  A Republican majority that has controlled all branches of the federal government since the time that Mr. Trump was elected is refusing to exercise its power to protect the American people from his unorthodox leadership style and highly questionable behavior that has already tarnished the United States and the office of the presidency to a freighting point.

As American voters we must not allow ourselves to be like those elected officials in Washington who have, in effect, abrogated their responsibility to America and those citizens who elected them.  No matter how hard and frustrating it might be to deal with the situation that we are currently in in America, we must not allow it to gain the victory over us and deter us from doing the very thing that we need to do to correct the problem; vote!  All of the corruption and endless propaganda that is rampant in the Trump administration, along with this administration’s efforts to make it harder to vote, is meant to do exactly that, discourage us from voting and correcting the problem.

We must not work just as hard as those who are determined to perpetrate this action upon us so that they can have their way but we must work harder than them.  All Americans must do their part by getting informed and then voting.  Obviously not everyone will be happy with the ultimate outcome when as many Americans as possible exercise their right to vote but at least the outcome will represent the will of the majority of the American people.  And that is as it should be.

All of us should keep this in mind as we move toward the 2018, 2020 elections and beyond.  We must realize and accept the importance of voting and fulfill our responsibilities as citizens, and among those responsibilities is the responsibility to be informed and vote.  So whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, always remember, your vote is the most important one of all…unless you don’t use it!

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line

What’s New With Police Departments And Police Around The Country? Nothing.

Dirty police officers around the country are continuing to kill Black men and the police departments are continuing to do nothing about it.  Their fellow police officers, along with the politicians who are responsible for and supposed to be overseeing these police departments, are afraid to address the problem.  These police officers are afraid to address it because they are afraid that one day they will call for backup and no one will show up until it is too late.  Politicians are afraid to address it because it is a political hot potato and they believe that if they do address it, they might not be reelected.  Statesmanship no longer has any meaning to them; it is just a word and everything else that matters revolves around keeping their job.

In light of the recent shootings and killings of unarmed Black men, this makes the national message that Mr. Trump sent out to police, that if they rough up those whom they arrest a little bit that it is okay, even more disturbing.  In essence he said to police officers, don’t worry about it because they deserve it.  At least with the clean police officers it is easier for us to empathize with them when they fail to address the problem because their lives might be on the line and they want to assure to the greatest extent possible that they return home to their wives and children at the end of each shift.  Still, this is the profession that they have chosen and to serve in it honorably is a part of their job.  As regards the politicians who are supposed to be responsible for protecting us as a country and leading us with honor but have instead chosen to protect their jobs at all cost, there is not even a semblance of an excuse for them; they have neither dignity nor honor left.  They have unfortunately sought out the nearest heap of reprobates and willingly cast themselves upon it.

It is obvious that Mr. Trump’s vision for how America should move forward (backwards?) and what she should become does not align with that of most Americans.  Most Americans – whether they are white, black, brown, yellow or any other color among the melting pot of colors that exist in our country – believe in fairness and equal justice for all.  And although oftentimes we disagree on exactly how evenhanded and fair that America is to all peoples, whether or not there is a problem in that arena and how – if there is a problem – that problem should be addressed, most Americans are caring people.  If we could only somehow rid ourselves of all of the chaos and crap that is swirling around us, take a step back  and look at the beautiful and breathtaking heritage of each culture and embrace that heritage, we could recognize  and accept the beauty involved in each heritage; then that way, we would likely fight a lot less often.  And when we did fight, it would be like fighting with those in our personal families; there would be rules.  What would be wrong with that?  After all, we are family; we are the American family!

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line