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My President And First Lady, My Pride, The Poem And My Disappointment

With all of the negative things fueled by politics that are raining down upon America and the world, it was nice to get some good news.  For Americans, gas prices are down, job numbers are better than predicted and President Biden signed the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act into law.  He also is poised to sign a bill into law that was passed strictly along partisan lines; The Inflation Reduction Act, which is really good news.  It is good news for me because I am a Democrat.  And I have no doubt that it is good news for almost everyone else who identifies as a Democrat.  I must admit though, it is not good news for everyone.

It was obviously bad news for all of the Washington senators because all of them voted against it.  Since it hasn’t passed in the House yet, I don’t know for sure how the Republicans in the House feel about it.  It is very likely though that they feel the same way that the Republican senators do because, lately, all of these Washington Republicans march in lockstep: The vote on the Inflation Reduction Act was a 50-50 tie in the senate and Vice President Kamala Harris had to break the tie with her vote.

Although all of the Washington Republican senators voted against this Act, I am of the opinion that there are a lot of Republicans out there who like it and – whether openly or privately, are glad that it got through the senate.  But the point of this article is not to point out definitively who is happy about what has transpired so far with The Inflation Reduction Act and who is p****d (a six-letter word for the three-letter word “angrily sad”) about it; instead, it is to point out that there is finally some good news and share with you how that good news affected me.

I imagine that all of you have your own experiences as to how it has affected you.  However, I have the good fortune of being able to share with you through this article exactly how it affected me.  It caused me to reflect on another president and how I felt about him and the then First Lady.  A president that our current president, President Joe Biden, passed through the political fires with as Vice President; my president and a man who filled all Black people with overwhelming pride.  President Barack Obama.  As I reflected on President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama back then, all of that overwhelming pride that I had compelled me to write a poem in tribute to him and something that I thought that I would never see in my lifetime; an African-American President of the United States of America.

Then came the disappointment.  After I completed that poem of which I was so proud I wanted to somehow get it to him and the First Lady so that they could feel through the words of that poem how exceedingly proud of them that I was.  I knew too that I was not the only Black person who felt this way because I had seen and heard innumerable other Black people on television express exactly what I was feeling.  I was disappointed because as hard as I tried, I was never able to get my poem to them.  But after all of this time, I am going to share it with you so that you can have the opportunity to perhaps experience what I felt when I saw all of those people on television – filled with pride, expressing exactly what I was feeing then.  I hope that you enjoy the poem.  It is entitled History In Black And White.  It follows:


History in Black and White

Who is this Barack Obama who keeps appearing on my TV                        Spouting words of change and hope in this beautiful land of the free?

It really would be a change if he wins despite the dissent                             You see, Barack Obama is running for President!

Now this may not sound much like change if your knowledge of history is slack                                                                                                                         But the fact of the matter in point, is this man Obama is Black!

He is truly African-American, as pure as African-American can be         So don’t be afraid to put a shout out that he can speak for you and for me

His father is a citizen of Africa and a true native in his own right             But his mother is a citizen of the USA, not only that but the woman is White!

So put a shout out to the White people too, this man’s knowledge is vast and not slim                                                                                                                    Not only can he represent us, but he can also represent them

His knowledge is not based on guessing, like guessing done by you and by me                                                                                                                                   Nor like the guessing done in John McCain’s camp though they’re truly trying to see

They are trying to see common interest, and common ground for those Black and White                                                                                                       But when John is matched against Obama, his candle cannot hold a light

He has not an African father; though his parents love him they are White                                                                                                                                            So he can’t truly know their concerns and ours though he tries with all of his might

There’s no doubt that McCain is a patriot and wants our country to grow despite drama                                                                                                             But the best way for him to assure that this happens is for him to vote for Obama

We have not even talked about Michelle, who is as sharp as a First Lady can be                                                                                                                                And although Mr. Obama is not yet elected, she is talked about worldwide on TV

They attack the comments she’s made, to shame Barack for the world to see                                                                                                                              They say a First Lady should be background stuff and not wise and outspoken like she

This woman is as sharp as a whip, must she pretend to be dumb and not wise                                                                                                                                       But for the President and the people of the USA she can be astute with nimble compromise

But now let’s get back to Obama who will be our next President            He will break that glass ceiling and enter that room that’s reserved for the establishment

He will surely be good for our country as we explore this new frontier                                                                                                                                           We will shed all labels but American people and conquer all doubt and all fear

Now pay attention Latinos and Native Americans and all others with the franchise true-blue                                                                                                      This poem is from a Black perspective and that’s why there was no shout out to you

But Mr. Obama needs your support also to lead our country and let her noble flag wave                                                                                                              Then he can assure we remain on task, the land of the free and the home of the brave

©Eulus Dennis 2008

Trump, CPAC And The Republican Party Are Playing The Long Game

On August 4, 2022, the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, spoke at the Conservative Political Action Committee conference in Dallas, Texas.  But before going there he met with his good friend, Donald J. Trump at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.  Then, upon taking the stage at the CPAC conference, according to an article in the Associated Press by Paul J. Weber, Prime Minister Orban said to the crowd, “You have two years to get ready…  Victory will never be found by taking the path of least resistance.  We must take back the institutions in Washington and Brussels.  We must find friends and allies in one another.”

These words sound eerily similar to some of the words that the former Donald J. Trump of the United States of America used during his speech just before the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol by his supporters, don’t they?  And although Zsuzsa Hegedus who has known Prime Minister Orban for 20 years and was a member of his inner circle, resigned after the Prime Minister’s earlier remarks against becoming a “mixed race” – calling the speech a “pure Nazi text”, CPAC did not uninvite him to speak at its conference.  Instead, when he spoke at the conference, attendees enthusiastically cheered him on throughout his speech.

By now, everyone who is not on board with “The Big Lie” and refuse to support the man who conjured it up – Mr. Donald J. Trump, should know that Mr. Trump and his supporters do not care one bit about what the American people think.  He and his supporters have become more emboldened with the passing of time, each new lawless thing that they are allowed to get away with and America’s failure to hold to account any of those who were top-tier politicians, cabinet members or rich and powerful citizens during Mr. Trump’s administration.  The people – supported by Mr. Trump, that the Republican party has running for office in 2022 and many who expect to run in 2024 are all election deniers who still refuse to acknowledge that President Joe Biden is the legitimate President of the United States.

It is far past time for those reasonable congresspersons who are still members of the Republican party, the media and reasonable Americans overall to stop referring to members of the Republican party with made-up names to appease them.  Names like “good Republicans and bad Republicans”, “team normal Republicans and team crazy Republicans” or any other politician Pig Latin names:  Names that politicians have coined and passed on to regular people to use in order to mitigate the impact on sitting politicians by helping them to avoid conflict with their constituents/voters so that they will not be in jeopardy of losing their vote.

Mitch McConnell, Chuck Grassley, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and all the rest of the so-called “good Republicans” know what’s going on as regards Mr. Trump.  Yet, even though our democracy is at stake and we are at disquieting risk of losing it, they are still playing politics.  Any politician who takes their oath to the Constitution and their job as an elected official seriously needs to distance themselves from this new Republican party and speak up for our country!

Those who have embraced Mr. Trump and this new Republican party which he heads certainly do not have a problem with speaking up and making their allegiance known.  Too many “good Republicans”, one would be too many when the American democracy is at stake, are straddling the fence and waiting to see what happens before they decide which side of the fence they want to be on.  That’s not putting country before personal political ambition and Party!  That’s not leadership!  That’s not representing those who put them into office with the expectation that they would do the right thing even if they knew that it might cost them their job!  That’s not even making the tough decisions based on the facts that they have while factoring in Party loyalty!  That’s pure politics fueled by greed and lust for power!

Republicans are playing the long game and Democrats must play that same “long game.”  We must post sentries on the wall of democracy to stop this current attack on democracy itself by this new Republican Party.  Then, those sentries must keep all of the American people abreast of what this new Republican Party is planning now, as it relates to destroying democracy, and give us advanced warning of any plans that it may seek to implement in order to turn a democratic America into an Authoritarian country headed by the former The Donald J. Trump of the United States of America.

All ordinary Americans, let alone politicians, already know now that the “long game” works because we have all witnessed a Constitutional right that was in place for nearly 50 years be taken away from the American people.  And although it took 50 years for this to happen, Americans need to assure that something like this does not happen again – even in 50 years – haphazardly; just because some Supreme Court Justices are replaced and the balance of power of the Court is changed.  We must assure that if legitimate change is petitioned going forward and it is ultimately determined that it does need to occur, that such potential change will have been thoroughly researched, carefully considered and determined to be founded in and based on the law before it is implemented; not based on kneejerk political loyalty or any other such thing.

In order to effectively play the “long game” and effectively deal with what looks like will be the “new” Republican Party (Donald J. Trump’s current Republican Party) that is hellbent on transforming America into an Authoritarian country, Democrats must be aware of and absolutely motivated by what the “old” Republican Party (The Republican Party that existed pre-Donald J. Trump) did with their “Red Map” plan – which was, by the way, quite successful.  We must also be aware that the “new” Republican Party is continuing to support and move forward with this already ongoing effort to convene a meeting to change the Constitution.  This effort to convene a meeting to change the Constitution has been going on ever since the beginning of the “Red Map” plan.  All of this, for the greatest part, has happened and is continuing to happen outside of the sight of the public.

All Americans who value democracy and our Republic – whether we are Democrats, Republicans or Independents must be aware of these Republicans’ past and current efforts and be prepared to play the “long game” to stop them.  Particularly those previously mentioned Democratic sentries on the wall of democracy must be knowledgeable of “Red Map” and this effort to convene a meeting to change the Constitution.  They must keep all elected Democrats aware of this impending threat and especially congressional Democrats in Washington.  And then, Washington Democrats must assure that Democrats throughout the country and all of the American people are aware and kept abreast of it.  Heads down eyes up, Democrats, as we continue to move forward in safeguarding the American democracy!

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line


Geriatric Politicians Vs. Young Microwave-Mentality Critics

“I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now!”  Young people have good reason to be concerned about America’s aging politicians and to question whether their mental acumen is what it used to be.  But we older folks, politicians or not, have good reason as well to be concerned about the political acumen of our young people, especially those who desire to become our future elected officials.  Why?  Because far too many of them have a microwave-mentality approach to life and all of its problems; and this includes politics and governance.

It appears that they want no part of the nitty-gritty down and dirty hard work of governance, they just want things to be right as they see life.  Nuances be damned; to young people, nuances seem to be nothing more than unnecessary huge speed bumps: “I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now!”  “Why should we bother to vote”, they say.  With the way that things are going – even if we do vote, it’s probably not going to count anyway; and if it does count, it’s not going to make any difference.”

Most of the time most voting-age young people don’t even bother to vote.  Sure, when issues come to the fore that have a negative impact on “I want it all”, they tend to swing into action.  And when they do, many times, it is already too late for their “I want it all” derived initiative to have a preventative effect on the thing that they are objecting to.  It might determine how that thing is ultimately handled after it has been implemented or if it will be rescinded, but it will not have an opportunity to prevent it from occurring.  Yes, they are doing their civic duty but to me, this seems like a parttime approach to doing it.

Civic responsibility – which includes voting, is a fulltime thing; it should not be addressed on a parttime basis!  And if young people are going to complain about how poorly things are going for them politically then attribute that to the supposed fact that it is because these older politicians are not in tune with America’s young people who are America’s future, then they should do their civic duty fulltime.  They should keep abreast of what is going on in the world of governance and be proactive, not reactive, in addressing problems through their vote.

Any young voters who bitterly complain – as many are doing now, without doing these things are being, at best, unfair.  This kind of conduct brings to mind Senator Tom Cotton’s recent harsh criticism of the January 6 Committee.  During a public interview he criticized the Committee for its actions and how it is conducting its business and then in the same breath said that he had not watched any of the hearings!  If Senator Cotton’s criticism of this Committee sounds ludicrous to you under these circumstances, young people; it is because it is!

So, in light of that, how do you feel about someone who criticizes our “geriatric” political leaders and how they conduct America’s business when they themselves have not done their part to help provide these leaders with the tools that they need: tools that are vital to them to stop the Party that is trying to “Make America Great Again” by moving her backwards to the “good ole days?  The “good ole days” when women and Black people did not have the right to vote.  The “good ole days” when Black people could not attend the same schools that White people attended.  The “good ole days” when there was no Roe vs. Wade and no talk about abortions and abortion rights.  The “good ole days” when Black people could not marry White people.  The “good ole days” for who?!  From where I stand, it does not appear that young people are on board with the “good ole days.”

Did this get your hackles up, young people?  If it did, that’s good!  It’s good because I have not said all of this to denigrate young people or put young people down in any way.  On the contrary, I said it because I have no doubt that many of the so-called “geriatric” political leaders – by the way, whose shoulders you stand on, are thinking these things but are reluctant to say them because they are afraid that it might cost them your vote.  And even it they did summon the courage to say these things to you, because they are politicians, they would likely say them with such a political sugarcoating that it would amount to nothing more than the arcane language of politicians’ Pig Latin.  That way they could get their frustration with you off of their chests by giving you a piece of their mind without the fear of losing your vote.  Brilliant, right?!  The only problem is that politicians are the only people who truly understand this language and even those other people who only understand it in general, are few-and-far-between; and they are usually people who closely follow political issues.  But on the other hand, maybe that is exactly as it is meant to be; one just has to view it from a politician’s perspective.

The fact of the matter is that the world of governance desperately needs to be infused with young, fresh minds.  A large percentage of our elected officials, in general and in leadership positions, are older people.  Older politicians who need to willingly pass the torch on to young people.  But they can’t pass it to just any young people, they must pass it to prepared young people who are committed to fulfilling their civic responsibility on a fulltime basis: young people who are willing to get involved in the nitty-gritty, down and dirty hard work of governance.  If these so-called “geriatric” politicians do otherwise, it will be dereliction of duty.

So come on, young people; “don’t get mad: vote”.  These were the words of President Barack Obama.  And it is with those words that I implore all voting-age young people to rise and meet the challenge to defeat anyone who is trying to take America backwards to the “good ole days”, especially elected officials who are close in proximity to the levers of power and collectively have the ability to make the back to the “good ole days” happen: “good ole days” for who!  “Don’t get mad: Vote”!  With one of the two major political parties in America – specifically speaking, the Republican Party, pushing hard to destroy American democracy, your participation in America’s democratic process is essential.

So always remember, young person; whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, your vote is the most important one of all… unless you don’t use it!  Will you meet the challenge?

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line

Representative Liz Cheney Got Me To Thinking

I have been closely following the January 6 Committee hearings and, as a result have become very intrigued by Republican Representative Liz Cheney.  Yes, I said “Republican” Representative Liz Cheney.  I am impressed by her pit bull mentality as regards the truth and sincerity about protecting the Constitution and serving “all” of the American people… not just Republicans.  And she is doing this even after she has already lost her once “third-in-the-line-of-power position in the Republican caucus and stands a serious chance of losing her seat as the Representative from Wyoming.  I mean, come on, this lady is a Republican who strongly supports Republican policies and voted with the former Occupier of the Oval Office – The Donald J. Trump of the United States of America, 93% of the time!  But the fact of the matter is, the Honorable Liz Cheney got me to thinking.

One might think that I am rubbing it on a little thick by having made it a point to refer to her at the end of the above paragraph as the Honorable rather than simply Representative Liz Cheney; especially since everyone knows that I am a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat… just like she is a dyed-in-the-wool Republican.  And that is exactly why she got me to thinking.  The fact that I am a staunch Democrat does not automatically make me a terrible person and her being a staunch Republican does not automatically make her a terrible person.  Terrible Might not be exactly the word that I am looking for but I’m sure you get the gist of what I am trying to say; at least all of you Democrats do.  Anyway, Representative Cheney inspired in me a renewed determination to do more research on those who think radically – again, maybe not exactly the right word – differently from what I do before I form an opinion of them.

Now before you get me wrong, I still don’t like Representative Cheney’s politics (I never liked her dad’s politics either and still don’t) but I do like the fact that she believes in truth rather than “alternative facts” and lives in the real world instead of some kind of an alternate world bubble like far too many of her Republican colleagues do right now.  This makes her a reasonable person that can be reasonably negotiated with even though her position on issues might be all but unalterable to that of those she is negotiating with.  This makes her a person whose strong disagreements on the issues with those she is negotiating with maddening at times and can drive them to the brink of insanity.  But with an honest and honorable person like her it is always reasonable to assume that common ground can be found and compromise can be achieved.

As I was writing this article I thought; Liz Cheney would totally hate it if she knew that a hardnosed Democrat like me wrote and published an article that reflected her in a good light.  But then, as I reflected on this thought while considering how she has handled herself in light of her membership on the January 6 Committee and the mess that she currently finds herself in with her own Party, I changed my mind.  Instead, I thought, Representative Liz Cheney knows exactly who she is and so an article like this would not bother her.  She would still be and still conduct herself like Liz Cheney.  As hard as it is for me to admit it, she must have developed that forthright, honest, deliberate and hardnosed character that is so Liz Cheney from her upbringing.  It must have a lot to do with her mom and dad.  I’m not sure which parent to attribute the preponderance of the forthright, honest and deliberate aspect to but I’m pretty sure about who contributed most of the hardnosed part; her dad…  I still don’t like his politics!

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line

Senator Joe Manchin Is The Republicans’ Trojan Horse: Democrats Must Stop Pretending That He Isn’t.

It is far past time that Democrats face up and step up to who Senator Joe Manchin really is.  He is Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Trojan Horse: hence, he is the Republican Party’s Trojan Horse.  Senator McConnell knows it, all of the Republican senators know it, all of the House Republicans know it and Senator Joe Manchin knows it.  Senator Manchin’s feelings won’t be irreparably hurt if Democrats call him out for the Trojan Horse that he is; and if they are, so what?!  Senator Manchin knows who he is and he isn’t at all bothered by what he is doing to President Biden and Democrats for Senator McConnell and how it is impacting on their agenda.

It is bad enough that Senator Manchin is doing what he is doing but it is made worse because he is couching it in a supposed concern for the American people and what we are struggling with as a result of high inflation.  His couching tactic is made even worse because Democrats naïvely continue to believe that he is negotiating in good faith when he is actually working to run out the clock.  One would think that after what happened with Representative Pramila Jayapal when the House was negotiating with Senator Manchin that Democrats would be wise to his method of operation (MO) by now but they are not.  If I am wrong and they are aware of how he operates, they really have an odd way of showing it!

Sure, Democrats have an obligation to continue to try to work with Senator Manchin but they do not have to continue to treat him with kid gloves and try to convince him that everything is hunky-dory.  As previously stated, he knows who he is.  Based on what transpired in his negotiations with Representative Jayapal, he is not a man of his word and, as such, is untrustworthy.  If Democrats want to attribute this to the notion that it is just because he is a politician and this is what politicians do or any other reason that they want to conjure up, so be it.  But please, Democrats, stop with the fake comity and just get real!  If you can reach some kind of reasonable agreement with him – which will likely only be reached by offering something that appeals to his personal political ambition, then you should go for it.  If what you offer fits in with that politically ambitious agenda then he will accept it regardless of whether or not it is couched in comity.  So, Democrats, know that you can express all of the disdain for him that you might have; If the offer is right, he will take it.

Some Democrats out there might think that I am being overly critical of Senator Manchin simply because he is not blindly going along with President Biden’s Build Back Better (BBB) agenda and is voting his conscience in order to help his West Virginia constituents and the rest of America to better deal with the high inflation rate.  Those Democrats may think that I am just a hardnosed far-left Democrat who needs to pump his brakes and accept the honest efforts of a centrist Democrat who, despite the current political situation where our country is completely divided and polarized, is desperately trying to help pull America back together again.  After all, one benefactor has recently said great things about him.  According to an article in RollingStone, this benefactor said “Joe is the most important guy in D.C.  Maybe the most important guy in America today.  I call him every week and say ‘Joe, you’re doing great.  Stay tough, buddy.’  He’s phenomenal.”  And, [he is] “keeping our elected officials somewhere in the middle” and not “pushing us to the extremes…where it’s uncomfortable.”  And some of Senator Manchin’s donors see him – with just as much enthusiasm, as ‘someone who could switch parties and beat Biden in 2024.’

Since America is currently divided and polarized politically, maybe it is not so bad that some of Senator Manchin’s donors view him as someone who could switch parties and beat President Biden in 2024, right?  The problem is that this comment – made by Mr. Nelson Peltz, and these views were expressed at a $5,000-per-plate fundraiser for Senator Manchin held by Trump donor Nelson Peltz.  Mr. Peltz has also held fundraisers for Donald J. Trump, the former Occupier of the Oval Office.  Further, Senator Manchin has been the beneficiary of other Republican fundraisers such as the one he attended in Texas in July 2021 which was organized by oil and gas industry executives and hosted by GOP donors.  Senator Manchin is the chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee whose decisions can have a great impact on the Democrats’ infrastructure and climate agenda.

With friends like Senator Manchin, who needs enemies?  He has been so completely consumed by his ego, political ambition and all of the attention that he has been receiving that he cannot see that he is setting in stone a legacy of shame.  He seems unable to comprehend that he is denying science by cavalierly ignoring the warnings of global professionals who say that the window to address the climate change problem is fast closing.  He does not seem to understand that he is not only relegating himself to a terrible legacy that will haunt the annals of history in infamy in perpetuity, but he is likely subjecting all Americans and the world to a horrible future!  And he is doing all of this as a Mitch McConnell minion!  Senator Manchin should know by now how the Republican Party operates; he should know that as soon as he is no longer of use to them that without fanfare and in the infamous Donald Trump fashion, they will ‘hardly know the guy’ and will throw him under the bus.  Ever since the rise of The Donald J. Trump of the United States of America, that is how the Republican Party handles things.  You don’t believe me?  Ask Representative Liz Cheney!

No matter how low the bottom might be for any politician, their word is important currency in the political world.  Senator Manchin’s comeuppance will likely come sooner than later because his word is no longer worth anything to congressional Democrats.  He proved this to be true while negotiating with Representative Jayapal and now he has proven it with Senate Majority Leader Schumer: President Biden no longer trust him or can place any confidence in his word.  So, what’s left for Senator Manchin?  Well, the Republicans will have to run a few tests to see if he is still a valuable toady; and if he is not, the Republicans will stick together like they are so capable of doing – give them credit, they are really good at that whether it is for good or for evil – go out and procure a big bus and…

Maybe Senator Manchin will run for office again, maybe he won’t.  Some of the folks at the above-mentioned Republican fundraiser that was held on his behalf said that he could switch parties and run against, and perhaps defeat, President Biden in 2024; maybe he will do that, maybe he won’t.  Whatever Senator Manchin decides to do, it is probably too late for him to salvage his legacy.  He might be able to dress it up a little bit and make it more palatable to anyone, including himself, that might be interested in or concerned about it.  But “salvage”?  Nah.  But since the Republican bus is fast approaching right now, that is likely demanding his full attention anyway.  If it is not, it certainly should be!

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line

The Few Celebrate Their Power Over The Many: Where To From Here?

A lot has happened since the rise, and hopefully, the utter fall of Mr. Donald J. Trump as regards his tenure as the head of our young and still promising republic.  Yes, it is possible that he will make another run at becoming The Donald J. Trump of the United States of America; and that is his right.  He absolutely reserves the right to run for this highly respected office – discounting the four years from 2016-2020 when he held it – which is the ultimate goal of many ambitious politicians, unless he is prohibited from doing so by law.

Even if he is viewed by many Americans as someone whose way of thinking is strongly skewed toward that of authoritarians and he espouses authoritarian rule above that of a democracy, it is still his right to run for the highest office in the land with the aforementioned exception.  He possesses this precious right because it is guaranteed to him as an American and is backed by the Constitution.  Yet, right now – because of Mr. Trump, and with the strong aid and support of Senator Mitch McConnell – rights guaranteed by the Constitution are being stripped away from women and various minority groups.

The stripping away of these rights was made possible by the collaboration of the then Donald J. Trump of the United States of America and Senator Mitch McConnell when they put three extreme right-wing Supreme Court Justices on the court during Mr. Trump’s one term in office.  They were able to do this even though his one term was riddled with scandal and he was impeached twice.  Following each impeachment, he avoided conviction by the senate due in great part to the leadership and support of him by Senator McConnell.  During the second trial in the senate, although Senator McConnell and many other high-level congressmen said publicly that Mr. Trump was “practically and morally” responsible for the January 6, 2022 insurrection and should be held to account, they still acquitted him.  After the acquittal, Senator Mitch McConnell in an effort to deflect blame from the Republican Party for dereliction of duty, offered the mealymouthed excuse that Mr. Trump could still be held to account and punished by the Department of Justice.

Following are some of the things that happened before Mr. Trump left office – especially immediately after his loss in the 2020 election through the inauguration of President Joe Biden, and that are continuing to happen as of the writing of this article.  First and foremost, Mr. Trump did not leave office as all of the presidents before him in recent history did.  He did not allow for the peaceful transfer of power.  Instead, he continued to push the Big Lie that he had promulgated before the election stating that the only way that he could lose the election would be if it were rigged: After he lost it, he said that it was stolen from him.  Then, he allegedly incited an armed riot in order to hold on to power; and he did this with the assistance of many sitting congresspersons, other government officials in his inner circle and others in his orbit.  I say that he “allegedly” incited an armed riot and that others assisted him in his attempt to hold on to power because the January 6 Committee is still investigating the incident.  However, the facts gathered by the Committee so far support the notion that he did indeed incite this riot and was assisted by others.

Mr. Trump has raised hundreds of millions of dollars while implying that this money will be used to pay for legal representation to fight against those who he says stole the 2020 election from him and to fight to restore him to office.  And in the event that the fight to restore him to office does not work in a timely fashion – prior to the 2024 election, he has implied and continues to imply that he will run for POTUS in 2024.  Mr. Trump is continuing to raise money based on these premises.  He continues to insist that the election was stolen from him.  And although evidence that implicates him in witness tampering continues to pile up, he does not appear to be at all phased by it.  Some of the evidence includes things like organizations that Mr. Trump is closely associated with and holds power over are paying legal fees for witnesses in the January 6 Committee hearings.  Members of Mr. Trump’s inner circle are communicating with witnesses and saying things like “we know that you will do the right thing” during your hearing.  “Mr. Trump reads transcripts.”  “You will remain in good standing in Trump world…” and et cetera.

While all of this is going on, Washington Republicans are virtually in hiding; they are saying little if anything about Mr. Trump’s shenanigans and the great majority of them are continuing to support him.  Many Republican congressional senators and representatives say that they will support him if he runs for president again and will vote for him if he is the nominee in 2024.  Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, is among those who made this statement.  Many of these senators and representatives are the same people who said that Mr. Trump was responsible for the riot that occurred on January 6, 2021.

Meanwhile, Republicans throughout the country are working hard to assure that Republican legislatures and not the electorate – whether they are Democrats, Republicans or Independents, will determine who will win elections.  They are putting laws into place that say that legislatures in states will be the ultimate determiners of the outcome of elections.  They are also gerrymandering districts in such a way that will ensure that Republicans remain in power.  Further, they have already teed up a case, Moore v. Harper, to present to the Supreme Court which puts forth the argument, based on the Constitution, that by law, states have the right to implement laws like the one mentioned immediately above.  In light of the right-wing super majority in the SCOTUS, who knows how the court will decide?  It is reasonable to surmise that four of the Justices are already amenable to ruling in favor of Moore v. Harper.  Only one more Justice is needed to grant states this sweeping power.  If the SCOTUS grants it, it will be the death toll for free and fair elections in America.  It could even be the death toll for our democracy.

Republican Representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger have been completely ostracized by Republicans for refusing to be a part of Mr. Trump’s Big Lie and then accepting appointments by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the January 6 Committee after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy – calling the Committee a sham, refused to place any Republicans on it.  Representative Cheney, who was third in the line of power in the House Republican Caucus was stripped of her leadership position and it was awarded to Elise Stefanik.  In the midst of the Republican Party’s apparent decision that it is no longer interested in America remaining a democracy, Russia decided to attack Ukraine in an effort to, as Russian president Putin put it, rid Ukraine of the Nazis and save the Ukrainian people.  They asked him for his help, he said.

Great timing, right?  America, as the leader of the free world, is compelled to get involved in supporting a fledgling democracy while our own weak-kneed, politically ambitious politicians can’t decide whether they want to stand up and speak up for our own democracy or continue to hide, remain silent and avoid the press in order to further their political careers!  Whoa! The eyes of the whole world were already watching us and now they are focused on us like a laser beam!  Can you picture the puzzled expression on their faces as they ask, what is wrong with America?!  As democratic countries puzzle over the situation, our enemies are smiling.

Regardless of what the Republican Party says to America to assure us that they respect the rule of law and what the super-majority rightwing SCOTUS says to assure us that they respect and will adhere to Stare Decisis, the Republican Party and the SCOTUS are in sync and both are moving forward with the same agenda.  You can’t bring yourself to believe this?  Then consider this, Republicans have long said that they are the “rule of law” party: Look at how they are handling the Trump situation!  Next, consider that the three recently seated SCOTUS Justices said during their confirmation hearings that Roe v. Wade was established law which had been reaffirmed many times and that they believed in and would honor Stare Decisis: What did they do as soon as the opportunity presented itself?  They overturned Roe v. Wade and catapulted America into chaos!

And just like Senator McConnell spouted a mealymouthed excuse to deflect blame from the Republican Party for dereliction of duty when it failed twice to convict Mr. Trump in the senate after he had been impeached by the House, Chief Justice John Roberts is trying to deflect blame from himself and the Supreme Court for dereliction of duty.  The only difference is that Senator McConnell is a hardnosed Republican politician, emphases on Republican because shame and decency no longer seems to be a part of the Republican Party’s vocabulary, who cannot be shammed and Chief Justice Roberts prefers to fly under the radar.  He wants to continue to be seen as the good guy who does not have a political agenda, adheres to Stare Decisis and believes in fairness and honoring the oath that he swore to when he was seated on the court.  Hence, Chief Justice Roberts voted with the minority in the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

But never forget, Chief Justice Roberts sided with the majority in the Mississippi case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, that was decided immediately before the vote that brought about the demise of Roe v. Wade and that it was Chief Justice Roberts who initiated this slow judicial coup d’état when he gutted the Voting Rights Act by declaring Section 4 (b) unconstitutional.  When he did this in 2013, his mealymouthed excuse was that Section 4 (b) of this Act was no longer needed: So, you see, he and Senator McConnell are cut from the same bolt of cloth.  Wake up, America, and address this threat to the American democracy before it is too late!

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line

Guns And Butter; A View From A Democratic (small “d”) Perspective

Guns and butter have always been a part of America’s economics and the economics of all nations throughout the world.  I don’t know how many other nations use this term or even if they are familiar with it but I do know that it is used here in America.  Many in the younger generations are probably familiar with it even if due in great part to the fact that it was used in a well-known movie entitled Baby Boy. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, guns and butter is a model that demonstrates in a nation’s budget the relationship between the amount of money that it invests in defense and the amount that it invests in civilian goods.

In simple terms, the guns piece of this model represents the amount of a nation’s budget that it dedicates to protecting itself and the butter piece represents the amount that it dedicates to civilian goods including things such as the overall caring for its citizenry.  Accordingly, it is easy to see that guns and butter are very closely related.  Either guns or butter, or both, can be effectively used by a nation to impose its will upon the people; whether those people be people of their own nation or people of other nations.

The term “guns and butter” is used in general in this article to, hopefully, capture and hold the attention of those in the aforementioned younger generations that are reading it and specifically because of America’s position as the designated leader in determining what to do about President Putin’s attempt to takeover Ukraine by brute force.  This term makes it easier for me to make the following comparison while holding the attention of the younger generations, explain it in simple terms and still make my point.  Further, it is used because of the hypocritical position that America and far too many Americans find ourselves in as it relates to defending democracy.  Now that you have endured my somewhat lengthy preamble, allow me to make my point.

Right now – via Putin’s war, Russia is trying to impose its will upon the people of Ukraine.  While the world looks on, Russia is trying to beat Ukraine into submission through the use of the “guns” provided via its guns and butter budget and through trying to render ineffective or destroy the guns and butter that Ukraine has in place.  But the world is not only looking at Putin’s war – although it is obviously at the fore and that is where the world’s attention is primarily focused right now, it is also looking at America, the leader of the free world.  It is contemplating and processing those things that we are doing to protect and enhance our own democracy as we attempt to foster this concept in other nations around the world; as we, along with NATO and other nations provide as much help as possible to Ukraine without escalating Putin’s war into World War III.

What President Putin is doing is despicable even if he isn’t purposely targeting civilian areas – which include women, children, hospitals, water supplies and food storage areas – and Russian soldiers are not raping Ukrainian women and executing innocent civilians as is currently being reported!  His vitriol toward the Ukrainian people, lack of mercy for them, lack of respect for the rules of war and his incessant lies to the Russian people only compounds the despicableness of his war.  And he is doing all of this in an effort to stop the spread of democracy!  America is rightfully doing everything that it can to assist Ukraine in defending itself against a foreign bully who wants to take the Ukrainian peoples’ land and deprive its citizens of their freedom and rights.

But America has a problem that she must deal with before she can be viewed by all Americans and other people throughout the world as a country with righteous indignation at what Putin is doing to the Ukrainian people: It’s a hypocrite problem.  Fortunately, we can deal with and work to correct this problem while at the same time helping the Ukrainian people.  President Putin deserves to be viewed as the pariah that he is and to be isolated from the rest of the world.  The only drawback is that this is hurting the entire Russian population and they don’t deserve this.

As regards America’s hypocrite problem, in the event that you have not been keeping abreast of the political news lately, the Republican Party has twisted itself into an extremely complex political pretzel trying, by hook-or-crook, to assure that it positions Republicans in the strongest position possible to retake the House and Senate in the 2022 midterm election and still project the image that they are concerned about and protecting democracy.  They are faced with a big problem in pulling this off.  First, the majority of Republicans in the Senate and House still view Donald Trump as their leader and still support him as such.  Secondly, virtually all of the Republicans in the Senate and House are supporting the curtailment of the voting rights of all Americans based solely on Mr. Trump’s “Big Lie” that the election was stolen from him because the election system is rife with fraud!  There is no proof of this and even Bill Barr, Mr. Trump’s Attorney General when Mr. Trump was in office, said there was no election fraud.  Despite this, many Republican-controlled states across the country have passed hundreds of laws curtailing voting rights and there are more that are pending passage.

To make matters worse, as regards Putin’s war in Ukraine, many of the Republicans in the Senate and House are railing against President Biden and saying that he is not providing Ukraine with enough support!  The clencher?  They voted against the package that would provide Ukraine with this support!  In light of this situation and Republicans supporting the curtailment of voting rights, how much more of a hypocrite could these lawmakers be?!  And because they are our elected officials and, right or wrong, speak for the American people, it makes America – and therefore the American people, appear to be a bunch of hypocrites!  There is no doubt that the majority of Americans view a large percentage of our elected officials as hypocrites and it is very likely that the world views them as such as well; and since they are our elected officials and speak for America…  Finally, to make matters even worse, the most popular host on Fox News, which has always appeared to be an intricate part of the Republican Party – Tucker Carlson, is being used by Russian media as a poster child to justify Putin’s war.

Again, we can ultimately solve our hypocrite problem here in America while at the same time helping Ukraine and the Ukrainian people: We just need to have the resolve to do it.  It might not be an appropriate analogy to compare what Donald Trump, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party are doing to Americans to what Putin is doing in Ukraine because what they are doing is not nearly as brutal.  But both the Putin war and what these Republicans are doing is an attack on democracy!  Both are despicable!  And the Republicans’ attack on democracy is not made less despicable because they are using butter rather than guns; it might be made more palatable but it is made no less despicable!  Americans must remember this when we go to the polls in the 2022 midterm elections and beyond.

The Republican Party’s focus is on people of color right now as they fight to curtail voting rights and even now, they are hurting people other than just people of color; in the eyes of the Republican Party, these other people are simply collateral damage.  But let there be no doubt, after they finish with the people of color, they will be coming for you; people who are not White, rich and powerful.  Don’t get too comfortable if you are White; you must meet the entire criteria.  Let what is happening in America and Ukraine be a wakeup call for all of us.  Let this motivate all of us to scrutinize politicians more closely, “watch what they do and not what they say” and judge them accordingly.  And finally, let that close scrutiny and observation cause us to always remember that whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, your vote is the most important one of all…unless you don’t use it!

Eulus Dennis, Author – Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line

Progressives, Liberals, Moderates, Centrists: What Does It All Mean?

I don’t know who came up with the names Progressives, Liberals, Moderates and Centrists for members of the Democratic Party.  Further, I can’t define with clarity what each of those names mean; and I’m not sure that whoever came up with them can clearly define them either.  Why?  Because regardless of who you ask to define Progressives, Liberals, Moderates or Centrists, you never get the same answer from any of them.

I was compelled to mention the confusion on my part regarding these names, and I have no doubt that there are many other voters that are just as unclear on them, before I discuss all of the complaining by “Moderates” about how the “Progressives” in the House are really messing up President Biden’s agenda; especially the Build Back Better part of it.

What immediately makes me suspicious of these sore complaints and this great concern about the terrible damage that Progressives are doing to President Biden’s agenda is that among those who are complaining is Senator Kyrsten Sinema.  Yes, you read it right.  And yes, it’s the same Kyrsten Sinema who along with Senator Joe Manchin have been gumming up President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda from the very start.

These are two senators who are cozy enough with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republican Party that they can run off to various places and have fundraisers hosted by Republicans.  And here is the best part, no one in the Republican Party objects to it!  Senator Sinema’s antics in Washington caught the attention of Saturday Night Live; so much so that they featured her in a satire.  It was spot on!

Senator Sinema was so angered because the physical infrastructure bill was not voted on like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that it would be that she accused her of betraying the trust of the American people.  Just so you know it, this is the bill that Democratic senators Manchin and Sinema hammered out with Republicans in the senate before sending it to the House.

So it is hard to know if Senator Sinema is upset because, according to her, House Progressives are damaging President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda or because they are screwing with her “bipartisan” infrastructure bill.  She has done more damage to the president’s agenda than any of the so-called damage that Progressives have done.  Progressives are fighting to get President Biden’s entire agenda, including the Build Back Better part of it, implemented.

Republicans have always believed that they are entitled to run things in Washington and around the country whether or not they are the majority Party; they don’t need to be in control of the House, Senate and Executive branches of government in order to control the House, Senate and Executive branches of government.  Unfortunately for Democrats, Republicans have proven this to be a fact time-and-time again.  They simply bully their way through governance.

Republicans have become emboldened since the election and subsequent defeat of Mr. Donald J. Trump.  Almost the entire Republican Party support Mr. Trump and his “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was stolen from him.  They still believe that he is the rightful president and that President Biden is not the President.  Even those Republican politicians who know better and have been elected officials for many years support and promulgate the “Big Lie.”  It does not matter to them that we are in a Constitutional crisis and our American democracy is at risk.

Americans already know that only one of the two political parties is interested in governing.  So it is a good thing that Progressives have committed to stand up to the Republican Party; the Party that is not interested in governing but instead has chosen to support Mr. Donald J. Trump and his “Big Lie”.  It is a good thing that Progressives have chosen to fight to implement President Biden’s full agenda.

It is unfortunate that we are currently fighting among ourselves but if that is what we must do to deliver on the promises that Democrats made to the American people when Mr. Biden was running for office then so be it.  Democrats will get beyond the fighting and provide the support that the president needs to implement his agenda.  And once that is accomplished, everyone will be okay with it: they might not agree with it or like it but they will be okay with it.  That is, everyone that is living on this planet and not an alternate one (earth 2) where the people prefer “alternative facts” and to live a lie (the “Big Lie”?) rather than the truth.

Again, just so you know it, “alternative facts” is a phrase used in an argument made by U.S. Counselor to The Donald J. Trump of the United States of America, Kellyanne Conway, in defense of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s lie about the attendance numbers of Mr. Donald J. Trump’s inauguration as The Donald J. Trump of the United States.  Ms. Conway said Mr. Spicer was giving “alternative facts.”

Americans must always fight in our effort to utterly rid ourselves of anyone who in any way assists in or seeks to destroy our democracy.  The best way to avoid being saddled with more people in government like Mr. Spicer and Ms. Conway is to vote out those elected officials who espouse “alternative facts” and support Mr. Trump’s “Big Lie.”  Together we can do this!  That is why you must always remember that whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, your vote is the most important one of all…unless you don’t use it!

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line

Democrats Must Walk The Talk

It is urgent for Democrats to begin to walk the talk now!  It is far past time for them to stop tiptoeing around Democratic senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.  Democrats are tiptoeing around these senators because of their razor thin senate majority.  They are afraid to offend or upset these senators in any way due to the fear that if they do, they might decide to change Party.  Well, they just might do that.

The question is, are Democrats going to allow these two senators to make cowards of the entire Democratic Party?!  Are they going to allow them to cause all of us to die a thousand times like a coward would rather than to die once, if need be, standing on our feet while fighting for principle and what we believe in: while fighting to preserve the American democracy?!

Democrats must fight for what we believe in and we must do it now!  We must fight now while Democrats are still in power and have leverage.  It is possible that very soon, that time of power and leverage may run out.  Who will stop this crazed Republican Party then?!  Will anyone have the power to stop them or will we have seen the last of the American democracy?!  Will this then be Trump’s America; a new authoritarian country with the former The Donald J. Trump of the United States of America at the helm?!  Come on Democrats; where are you?!

If senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema want to become Republicans and stand with Republicans and Mr. Donald Trump in supporting and continuing to perpetrate his ‘Big Lie’ upon the American people, then let them.  Yes, it is a tough call for Democrats to make but since senators Manchin and Sinema have already made their choice as to which side of the ledger that they will stand on, then why not force them out into the open so that all of the American voters can see who they really are and whose interest they really represent; their own and those of the Republican Party or those of America and the American people?!

If it is their own interest and that of the Republican Party and not the interest of America and the American people, then polls indicate that most voters, whether they are Democrats Republicans or Independents, would not stand with them.  That would then mean that those senators and representatives that these voters elected to represent them, if they are reflecting the will of the people and not that of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Leader Kevin McCarthy – would work in a bipartisan way to govern effectively and not simply obstruct.  If they continue to simply obstruct, then voters – whether they are Democrats, Republicans or Independents – must step up and vote them out of office.  If we don’t do that, then we will lose this American democracy; it’s as simple as that.

I must admit that I likely watch to much cable news.  That notwithstanding, I have never been so tired of hearing politicians talk but do nothing; even while the very foundation of the American democracy is being openly dismantled before their eyes!  It’s as if they just love to hear themselves talk while they flaunt their importance.  They want American voters to know how knowledgeable they are about this republic, governing and the American Constitution.  They talk fondly about how strong this American Republic is and opine about it as if it can never fall.   If they want to wrap their importance around them like they would a warm and cozy coat in the winter and wear it around with them wherever they go that’s fine.  But to talk fondly and opine about America and do nothing while she is being attacked and systematically, although it may be slowly, destroyed is unacceptable!  I do not want to watch what they say!  I want to watch what they do!

I know that I am not the only American who feels this way.  I know that there are many others who would like to see our government function in the way that it is meant to function.  That is not meant to imply that all of them want to see the same kind of policies put into place that I want to see put into place.  Many of these other Americans that I am referring to agree with me on very few things if they agree with me on anything at all.  But isn’t that what democracy is all about.  Can’t we disagree with one another and argue about which path we should take and yet be civil about it?  Can’t we still operate on the majority rule premise, even though we might huff-and-puff and stay upset about that decision for a long time after it is made?  All of us deal with this sort of thing with our individual families.  And sometimes these family issues are never completely resolved; but we keep trying.

As the American family, we must approach issues that involve the American people in this same way and with this same resolve.  We must elect politicians to office who feel this way and insist that they work hard and with this same resolve no matter the Party that they belong to.  Whether we are Democrats, Republicans or Independents, we must insist that these politicians place the interest of America and the American people above their own and that of their Party.  We must insist that they subordinate their personal ambitions to true statesmanship.  However, to elect politicians who will have this resolve and represent the will of the people rather than that of themselves or their Party, most of us – We the people – must commit to this premise and method of operation.  We must recommit ourselves to this great Republic, America, and to all those good things that she has stood for in the past and continues to stand for now.

Voting is the American way of letting our elected officials know the direction that we want America to travel in and which policies we want to see put into place.  This is normally accomplished by way of voting in a free and fair voting system that is honestly and carefully monitored by people – elected, appointed or otherwise selected, who assure that those who vote are legally authorized to do so.  Once it is determined that these voters meet all the required standards, the votes are counted, the vote count is certified and those individuals, bills etc. with most of the votes win.

Since Mr. Trump’s election in 2016 and the 2020 election, because Mr. Trump lost the 2020 election and Republicans see their electorate shrinking to the point where they might not be able to ever win another election – or at least, not win one in the near future – they have decided that they should choose their electorate rather than have their electorate choose them.  Therefore, they have unilaterally decided to dismantle America’s current election system and replace it with one that is more to their liking.  They have decided to replace election officials in as many states as possible that were elected by the people of those states with those selected by the Republican Party.  And after their hand-picked puppets have been installed, they have given them the power to overturn or decertify vote counts that they don’t like.  America is in the midst of a Constitutional crisis right now!  Where are you, Democrats?!

Sure, Democrats in every state in the United States want to be fair and recognize those Republicans who are not all about retaining their power at all cost and everything else be damned.  But Democrats, let’s not be so determined to be fair to those few Republicans who, after all, are only doing their job that we allow naivety to blind us as to what most Republicans are doing!  They are attempting to destroy America as we know it and put the former The Donald J. Trump of the United States of America back in charge.  We Know what happened when he was in charge before.  So other than being blinded by naivety, why in the world would we put him in charge again?!

It does not take all the Republicans in the senate to stop simply obstructing and allow reasonable governance to occur.  It only takes ten…well, maybe twelve; because there is always the Manchin-Sinema factor that Democrats must account for.  So, let’s stop talking about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Republicans and move forward to save our American democracy.  Where are you, Democrats?!

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line

Women’s Dilemma: Roe v. Wade And Voting Rights

It’s a terrible situation that American women find themselves in as a result of Republican politics when it comes to their rights.  Not only are they in deep trouble as regards Roe v. Wade but they are in trouble as regards voting rights as well.  Where voting rights is concerned, all of us are in the same boat together; male and female.  Of course, the white males that are already in power – that’s why the rest of us are in this situation in the first place – and fighting to avoid ceding even the smallest bit of it, are in a much better position than are the rest of us.  Those white males who are in power now are there because they were elected to fill those positions even when all kinds of bells and whistles were sounding and every red light in America were flashing.  These bells and whistles began sounding and all of the red lights in America began to flash the moment that Mr. Donald J. Trump announced that he would run for President of the United States of America.

It is indeed a terrible situation that “the rest of us” find ourselves in and, unfortunately, this situation is having an immediate and devastating impact on women: and this devastating impact is due in great part to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) allowing Texas’ SB8 law to stand.  And now, the remainder of “the rest of us” – including those white males who want things to be fair and equal although they are in a sort of win-win situation, is scrambling to avoid having our votes not count or losing our right to vote altogether.  Women have long been out front in American elections – even though they have not held political office and political positions of power in the numbers that they deserve, and have always had a major impact on their outcomes.  Their efforts and input have had tremendous influence in helping to press for fairness and equality due in no small part to the threat of the overt power of their collective vote.

Like it or not, this overt power of women’s collective vote has proven to be a two edge sword: women definitely played a major part in putting Mr. Donald J. Trump into office and likely also played a major part in placing many of those who proved to be his minions into office.  That notwithstanding, Mr. Trump played the key role in painting women into the corner that they find themselves in now by packing courts, including the SCOTUS, with conservative judges.  There is no doubt that he could not have done this without strong support from then Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  Once Mr. Trump was elected and Leader McConnell began supporting his agenda, all of the other Republicans in the Senate and the House fell in line.  Don’t be fooled, these judges and all of their conservative supporters who claim to be ‘pro life’ rather than ‘pro choice’, are instead really just ‘anti choice’ and not ‘pro life’ and they must be recognized and labeled as such.

These comments about the two edge sword are not meant to point the finger at women and say that they alone are responsible for their current situation and all of our current political woes; all of us have had plenty to do with that: but they are meant to say that just like over the years women have been out front in Americas’ elections, they were also out front when Mr. Trump was elected.  More women voted for Mr. Trump than for Hillary Clinton.  Let me say it again, more women voted for Mr. Trump than for Hillary Clinton!

In July of 2018, I wrote and posted an article entitled ‘I Want To Understand Why The Majority Of White Women Voted For Trump In 2016’ to my website ‘Political Pawns And Puppets’ after Mr. Trump was elected that mentioned this fact.  In that article I referenced an article in HuffPost where a HuffPost reporter named Sarah Ruiz-Grossman apologized to women of color for the fact that white women, because of the large numbers that voted for him, put Mr. Trump over the top.  Women deserve the credit for doing a yeoman’s job in their contribution to assuring that American politicians operated with at least some semblance of a moral compass and shaping American elections over the years, so it is not unreasonable or harsh to recognize and have discourse about their contribution to the election of Mr. Trump: witness the article by Ms. Ruiz-Grossman in the HuffPost.

The point of this article is not to rehash what happened in the 2016 election and to gripe and moan and groan about how great things could have been had only more women voted for Secretary Hillary Clinton instead of Mr. Trump and point fingers at women.  Instead, the point is to grab women’s attention and hold on to it before the 2022 and 2024 elections so that they will vote to throw those Republican (and Democratic) Trump minions out of office and replace them with true statesmen Republicans (and Democrats – you know who you are) who will put Party and personal interest in its proper place and collectively place America and her interests, democracy and the American people first.  That way, elected officials – Democrats, Republicans and Independents will be able to have reasonable, meaningful discourse on all of the issues that require their attention and get America back on the right track.

So always remember – whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent – your vote is the most important one of all…unless you don’t use it!

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line