Double Standards Not Just In The Justice System For Black Americans

I decided that I once again needed a break from writing about The Donald J. Trump of the United States of America and his outrageous antics.  As usual, he is continuing to suck up all of the air in the room so is dominating the news coverage in the United States and perhaps around the globe.  So while all of the mainstream news media is covering Mr. Trump I decided to write about the opening episode of the original series called First Ladies and the reminder that exudes from First Lady Michelle Obama that the prospect of “Hope and Change” should always remain with us…until that change comes.

Sunday night, 10/5/2020, I watched “First Ladies” on CNN featuring First Lady Michelle Obama.  When the First Lady began to speak it felt like I was immediately whisked away back to 2008 when now past president Barack Obama was elected president of the United States of America.  Once again I felt that ember of hope that still exists within me that there will be a time in politics someday when we will have a president who will bring all Americans together and lead America forward with dignity and honor; a president who will take that torch of hope that President Obama passed to them, expand on it and continue to make America an even brighter light on that hill burst into flame.  That same sense of pride and joy that welled up inside of me in 2008 when then Mr. Obama was elected president surfaced again!

However, that euphoric feeling that I experienced was accompanied by feelings of sadness and feelings of sympathy for First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama; but especially for First Lady Obama.  I also experienced feelings of anger and outrage at the way that most of the Republican senators, which included Senator Mitch McConnell, treated First Lady Obama and President Barack Obama.  I specifically call out Senator McConnell because he is the Republicans’ leader and the person who was orchestrating the Republican mess then and is still doing so now.  You see, videos that were taken during President Obama’s tenure were shown during this series opening episode and news clips during that time were also displayed.  The body language demonstrated by those Republican senators toward President Obama and First Lady Obama was palpable and the vitriol, as exemplified in those news clips, that was spewed out of the mouths of far too many white people toward the First Lady and President Obama was all but unforgivable!

When First Lady Michelle Obama wore a sleeveless dress she was sorely criticized.  Many of those who criticized her acted as if no First Lady had ever worn a sleeveless dress before she wore one.  Many of them implied that this was completely out of bounds for a First Lady and some didn’t bother to imply that this was outside of White House decorum; they came right out and said that it was.

Whoa!  Refocus and recalibrate!  Lest I get sidetracked and go off on a complete tangent, which would be easy to do when I focus on First Lady Obama and our current First Lady…and current Donald J. Trump of the United States of America; a rhetorical question, have they been scrutinized anywhere near as closely for their behavior and character as were First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama?  And if they have, where is the outrage and criticism from the public and palpable body language from the Republican congressmen and senators toward First Lady Melania Trump and The Donald J. Trump of the United States of America?!  Food for thought for the Obama haters.  Anyway, I didn’t write this article to rehash all of the wrong that was done to President Obama and First Lady Obama.   I wrote it because of the feelings that were rekindled in me that made me more determined than I have ever been to do everything that I can in an effort to assure that they have the opportunity to read the poem that they inspired me to write prior to President Obama being elected President of the United States of America.  That determination was reinforced and amplified after I watched the first episode of “First Ladies”.  Following is that Poem:


History in Black and White

Who is this Barack Obama who keeps appearing on my TV          Spouting words of change and hope in this beautiful land of the free?

It really would be a change if he wins despite the dissent                    You see, Barack Obama is running for President!

Now this may not sound much like change if your knowledge of history is slack                                                                                                                         But the fact of the matter in point, is this man Obama is Black!

He is truly African-American, as pure as African-American can be   So don’t be afraid to put a shout out that he can speak for you and for me

His father is a citizen of Africa and a true native in his own right     But his mother is a citizen of the USA, not only that but the woman is White!

So put a shout out to the White people too, this man’s knowledge is vast and not slim                                                                                                            Not only can he represent us, but he can also represent them

His knowledge is not based on guessing, like guessing done by you and by me Nor like the guessing done in John McCain’s camp though they’re truly trying to see

They are trying to see common interest, and common ground for those Black and White                                                                                               But when John is matched against Obama, his candle cannot hold a light

He has not an African father; though his parents love him they are White                                                                                                                                      So he can’t truly know their concerns and ours though he tries with all of his might

There’s no doubt that McCain is a patriot and wants our country to grow despite drama                                                                                                     But the best way for him to assure that this happens is for him to vote for Obama

We have not even talked about Michelle, who is as sharp as a First Lady can be                                                                                                                      And although Mr. Obama is not yet elected, she is talked about worldwide on TV

They attack the comments she’s made, to shame Barack for the world to see                                                                                                                   They say a First Lady should be background stuff and not wise and outspoken like she

This woman is as sharp as a whip, must she pretend to be dumb and not wise                                                                                                                               But for the President and the people of the USA she can be astute with nimble compromise

But now let’s get back to Obama who will be our next President      He will break that glass ceiling and enter that room that’s reserved for the establishment

He will surely be good for our country as we explore this new frontier                                                                                                                                                We will shed all labels but American people and conquer all doubt and all fear

Now pay attention Latinos and Native Americans and all others with the franchise true-blue                                                                                             This poem is from a Black perspective and that’s why there was no shout out to you

But Mr. Obama needs your support also to lead our country and let her noble flag wave Then he can assure we remain on task, the land of the free and the home of the brave                                                       ©Eulus Dennis 2008

Eulus Dennis – author, Operation Rubik’s Cube and Living Between The Line